Feb 152014

The Mizza Zone

Okay. Not a big update this time around. I blame Comics lack of good food. I mean, seriously! He doesnt have good sammich makings! I think he must be a Sammich Nazi! Okay, but seriously, I wasnt able to do a whole lot of gaming this week because one of my brothers was sick and I had to be nurse Natalie. Because hes hopelessly worthless. But I love him anyways.


Well, when I left off, I had made a Sith Marauder on SWTOR. Hes dead now because he was really starting to agitate me. The squishyness was driving me bonkers. So, I took his lightsabers and chopped him up into little itsy bitty peices and fed them to Vette.

After that, I decided to give the Agent class a try. It was actually a whole lot of fun to play. When I hit 10 I took the Sniper Advanced Class because if theres one thing I hate in MMOs, its being a damn healer. That and I love Sniper Rifles. So all was going good. The ship for Agents is just awesome looking both inside and outside. Then I got bitch slapped by a nasty bug that only seems to pop up occasionly for some people. Sucks it had to for me. By what I read, the bugs been around since launch. The only way to fix it is to either, A: Submit a ticket and hope they fix it or, B: Delete and start all over. I chose option C: Delete and make a different class character. If I was able to submit tickets, I would have done that. But being preferred, I cant. I chose not to do the class again because of a sudden fear that if I did, Id just run into the bug yet again. Didnt want that.

So what did I make this time around?! I made another Warrior! Except this time I took the Juggernaut Advanced Class so that he wouldnt be squishy! I got decently far with him too. Definetly farther than on any other Imperial side character to date. I managed to finish the main Balmorra questline with him and am hoping to finish the bonus series next time Im on. I also decided that I wanted to take him darkside. Mostly for the cookies. Also for the hot chicks. I forgot to take a screenie of him because I had a derp bone issue so I will next time.

On DDO… I did nothing. DDO is for weekends when I can play with the  Comically Comical Comic.

What I DID do this week was play on LOTRO again. Well, I started by scrapping my pre patch Champion because… I can. Then I made a new Champion! Then I scrapped him at the start as well because he was ugly and I suddenly didnt want to play a Champion. Yeah, I know. I never seen to have any real idea what I want to do. So I decided instead to play a Captain! I always enjoyed the class before. Its a fun break from the other ones too. I finished up the Intro with her and most of the Combe quests. Once I get to the final Prologue quest though Im going to take her through Erid Luin to do those quests & deeds over there followed by the Shire. The way I figure it is those are low level areas so getting them finished like that will net me some easy TP.

Mabnil - Front Battlegear & Bannerman

Mabnil – Front Full Battle Armor & Bannerman

Mabnil - Front No Helmet

Mabnil – Front No Helmet

Mabnil - Hairstyle Back

Mabnil – Hairstyle Back

Thats pretty much all I did since my last blog. Its not alot, I know. But its what I did and thats all I gotta say about that! Also, Comics a Sammich Nazi.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend, had a great Valentines Day and avoids bad sammiches!


Mizzaroos Song Of The Day (Took me forever but I finally found a non live version! 😀 )

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  1. I’m on a no-carb diet, otherwise I’d have lots of sammich makings…well, at least more than I currently do.

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