Mar 242017

Tomorrow is a day of change.

Tomorrow, I wake up, pack two cars, and head for the mountains. New apartment, new life, new everything.

There is another change that has been brewing and I think it makes the most sense to include all of the changes at once, ripping the great big change-bandaid off as quickly as possible, hoping to lessen any pain.

For the better part of the last eight years my routine has been wake up, make coffee, perform certain biological ablutions, and write a blog article. Usually, but not always, a blog article about DDO. Because DDO was part of my daily routine too.

Starting in 2006, I played DDO every day. When I wasn’t working, and wasn’t required to be doing something else, I was in the game. It was that simple. If I wasn’t playing it was because I couldn’t be.

There were weekends where I went straight from work Friday night to DDO, ordered food, and played till I passed out. Wake up Saturday, repeat. Wake up Sunday, repeat.

I filled my non-gaming life with DDO-related activities too. My head was in the game 24/7 whether I was technically logged in or not. I didn’t just mow the lawn, I mowed and listened to DDOCast. Even in the shower I was probably thinking of ways to make my character better.

All DDO, all the time. I didn’t really play the game at all. I lived it.

It was a pretty awesome life too, something I do not in any way regret. The game helped me when I was working out of town for several years. It helped me the most when my first wife passed away. Beyond just helping me through things, it added to my life.

I made great friends that I will have forever.

I met my Gamer Girl. And we both made DDO our life, together, for several more years.

But – hard as it is – it is time to face up to the fact that DDO is not my life any more. I don’t play every day. I’m not even sure I play every week. I don’t live and breathe it. I don’t plan characters in the shower.

This fade has affected my blogging. I used to write long-form articles like this, or creative ones like this, or spend hours refining silly graphics to get them just so like this, or do research and post it for the world’s benefit (or so I imagined, even though no page on my site has ever been seen by more than a few thousand readers).

Now I can barely find time to post a picture from my screenshot library and wrap 100 words around it.

I have a new game, Elder Scrolls Online, but only sort of; I don’t play it very seriously. I imagine that most weeks I actually spend more time in DDO. I like ESO but it just doesn’t grip me the way that DDO once did.

No game does.

I have moved into a part of my life that does not need an MMO.

That whole concept is oddly-shaped and slippery in my brain, hard to consider: I both accept it and reject it at the same time. Done with MMOs? Or at least, done with living in them rather than occasionally playing them?

I think so.

Brymn already has plans for his time off

And part of that means I am also done with writing a blog article every weekday.

I’m not closing anything down, and will both still be here, and it is still true that anyone who wants to write here can. Just let me know and I’ll have you set up, you’ll probably be able to publish something that very same day.

But I will not be. Not every day. When I have something to say, sure, but not just because I have a self-imposed daily deadline.

I wonder how often I will actually write now that I am lifting that deadline? I’d like to think it will still be pretty frequently, but I don’t know, this is new territory for me. Once a week? Once a month? More? Less?

I have no idea.

It seems that most of the blogs in the world are mainly filled with posts about how they never write blog posts, or are late, or have been too busy, or whatever. People writing about not writing, or more likely, not writing at all. I do not want to be that guy. If you ever see a post from me apologizing for how long it has been since my last post, please just do us all a favor and shoot me.

Sometimes I expect I might even still write about DDO. If I get to the point where I am no longer posting at least one DDO article per month I will have to stop being a DDO fansite. It could come to that, too, but not right away. I am still playing the game, even if awkwardly and intermittently, and I have so much invested in it. So much love, so much life, so much … everything. So much.

I should thank both of you who have put up with this inanity and drivel for all these years! How amazing, and how satisfying it has been to count your visits (over a million of you, all together) and read your comments and know that you’ve found value here, somehow, amidst all the dross.

Or maybe you just found quantity and mistook it for quality? Probably that, writing every weekday for eight years adds up to a whole bunch of articles. About 2000 blogs.Β 

Just for fun, I exported them all and loaded the result into Microsoft Word: 6546 pages. 1.4 million words. That is an impressive pile of tripe, huh?

You all are why I did that. You all are why I kept this going as long as I did.

That and my love for the game.

And inertia.

But mainly you all. You’re incredible. Remember this thing you did?

All good things must end
But this one isn’t ending
It’s just slowing down

But I digress, again. I am entering a new part of my life and change has become the new normal. This particular change has been coming for a while now.

It’s time.

I love you all, and I’ll see you soon! Just not as soon as has been the case since 2009.


πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  20 Responses to “Slowing the Rate of Tripe Production: A Semi-Retirement Announcement”

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  1. Suddenly, I haz a sad in my feelz. πŸ™

  2. I am happy for you. Your posts are insightful and I will miss them.

  3. I will miss the lunchtime read, but it will make the occasional blogs you do the more enjoyable I’m sure πŸ™‚ And completely understand why you are doing it.

    “posts about how they never write blog posts” oops that’s me…..

  4. So much happy and sad all in one post!

    I’m going to miss your daily words of very non-tripey wisdom. But real life > DDO, so I know it’s for the best possible reason. I’m definitely looking forward to whatever you may continue to write, whenever you may continue to write it!

    And those “I’m busy and I haven’t blogged in a while” type posts… yeah, that’s totally been me at times. *redface*

  5. Oh man πŸ™ the end of an era to say the least…

    Well all the best to you Geoff for the future with your Gamer Girl, we will keep the lights on for when, not if, you return πŸ™‚

    All the best buddy!!!!

  6. Spring comes he grows wings
    Blue skies ahead gaming on shelf
    Whole again he flies

  7. I still play every day and I an awful blogger as I write when the mood takes me. I plan lives but not to the extent you probably did. I have 3 games DDO is still my main, World of Warships as I do need a PvP game to keep me sharp and Hearthstone as I like a TCG online. It was Yugi Oh for years till Konami shut it down. So I understand I played less when my health was good I could get out. Now with poor health games have become part of my coping mechanism not just to fight boredom but to sharpen the brain in the way work use to. I am rambling here which is probably the pain killers today but good like and I look forward to the days you do post. House of Grouse will never be more than once every 2 or 3 weeks so I am in awe of the dedication you have shown to the game over the years. Always wishing you the best of luck! House of Grouse

  8. I was amazed you were able to post ‘daily’ for so long in the first place. I have problems coming up with a topic on a weekly basis. So, good for you! Welcome to the ‘blog when I feel like it’ crowd – there’s a lot of us (hehehe).

  9. You guys are making me all teary-eyed. Knock it off, I have an interview in 20 minutes and need to at least sound professional!

    • Geoff, didn’t you already have an offer? Hopefully you have already arrived at your destination at the mountains and started with your new work.

      Professional? Just put your trays in up right position, haggle gear off, power attack on (double shot for ranged, Energy Criticals on for spell casters), wearing your PRR armor~

      • Actually Jon the interview mentioned above is the one that almost immediately resulted in an offer letter.

        So maybe teary-eyed preparation was the right way to go πŸ™‚

  10. An end to an awesome time, you served the DDO community well! All the luck and happiness to you and your Gamer Girl!! I hope you’ll find time and inspiration to keep your blog going, whenever that may be, weekly/monthly/when the mood is right.

  11. I agree with all of the others, I will miss the daily read. I ran into the same situation this past year and was forced to slow down the blogging to the weekends only. Hell, I even missed this passed weekend…oops. So I can completely understand about the change!! Make sure to take care of yourself and a family first, then take care of the gaming and blogging!! πŸ™‚

  12. But….but….who’s going to help me push for Crankee’s throwing ale mugs of delusion?

    Seriously though, I like the others responding here, have thoroughly enjoyed the thousands of posts over the years along with the DDOcast guest appearances. I believe time to be the most precious of commodities in the world, and you chose to invest some of them into making my life more pleasurable through humor, information, and insight. For that I thank you. I’m envious of you moving to the mountains, and I will eagerly look for the nuggets that you do find time to post.

    Hope the interview went well, and I wish you success in your new phase of life. πŸ™‚

  13. I hope you keep writing articles about DDO, Geoff, even if it is only once a month. DDO has plenty of life in it yet and some great things are coming very soon (e.g, Ravenloft).

  14. Write for you, not for us. Good luck on your interview, and where ever your new road takes you.

  15. Enjoy your semi-retirement πŸ™‚

  16. With Statements like “Tomorrow, I wake up, pack two cars, and head for the mountains. New apartment, new life, new everything” == Sounds More like a new Quest. One you have been Striving towards..

    Find the “New Treasure Chest” May It Contain the Rare Items Of Pease Harmony and a +10 sword….

  17. You’ve inspired many a player to make their own blogs (myself included). Others like me will keep trying to write as regularly as we’re able, too, but we’ll always leave a spot at the gaming table for you to roll up a character to play as you’d like. Thanks, Geoff πŸ™‚

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