Feb 022016

Sixty Seconds of Zen
I stumbled across this while jumping about a guild airship, because I have a short attention span and spend a lot of time jumping about while others sell/repair/bio/whatever. I am that guy. The jumping guy. Nevertheless, in this case I am rewarded for my ADHD behavior, in the form of an unexpectedly glorious vista!

However it is not the kind of vista that can be captured in a screenshot: it requires motion. Video. I tried a GIF, but the colors wash out in the process of converting the frames to GIF format. Nothing for it but actual video. And since I am going that route, might as well get a full minute’s worth.

And so. Sixty seconds of glorious vista. Brought to you by the fine folks of the Torchwood guild, sister guild to the Halfling Commandos, and providers of an awesome place to park our non-halfling characters.

I find it … calming. Zen-like.

View it full screen for the full effect!

Happy Zen relaxation to you!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚


p.s. While in your Zen trance-like state, click over to the 2015 GAMEY Awards and let your feelings vote for you!


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