May 102013

I haven’t posted in a long time (nothing new there 😉 ), so now I’m going to ramble on about two topics:


1.) The Shroud – Phase 3:

How did you get past my puzzles, mortals?!

How did you get past my puzzles, mortals?!


I have to say, the Shroud is my favorite raid (and the first one I learned in the game). Over my past 4 lives I think I’ve run it about 52 times. Therefore the puzzle phase isn’t a challenge anymore, although I still enjoy completing it.

But all that changed my last run: I saw a LFM for a normal Shroud, for levels 18-25. I thought that was weird, as most Shroud runs I see in that range are for hard difficulty. But I joined anyway. It wasn’t an uber-elite-kill-portals-in-5-seconds- group, but it was solid. The first and second phases went ok.

Then came the third phase: people were taking longer than usual with the puzzles, but eventually all but one were done (a 5×5). The raid leader (I think) was trying to do that one, but he eventually asked for help because he was a bit rusty, so I step in to help. I started solving it using the solve down method when it hit us: the rainbow-colored wall of death (a prismatic wall).

Now truth be told, I had only seen it once on my very first Shroud run. I was almost finished with the puzzle when the wall came and killed me and another 8 party members. Our remaining members rounded our soul stones up and took us to the center. I got my raise from the cleric, who survived thanks to his Divine Intervention, ran back and finished the puzzle.

And I have to say, that little almost-wipe made this the funnest phase 3 I have run in a long time.


2.) ASAH (Dear God what have I done!?)

Ooooh, Shiny!

Ooooh, Shiny!

Yes, I am a loot-hoarder. I don’t even want to throw away some useless low level named items. And every time I want to TR, a little part of me dies every time I let go of some piece of loot. So naturally I have major inventory issues. My 6 mules are all full, my shared bank is full, my bank is full, my inventory is almost full.

So, as a temporary fix I decided to post some stuff on the ASAH for storage, including an old Threnalian War Blade (one without the augment slots). But I only posted it for 15 astral shards without a buyout. So it sold. Dear God what have I done!? I can never get one again.

I know the new one is much better, with the augments and stuff. But I’m a hoarder. A loot hoarder. I love all loot, especially the ones you can never get again. May the loot gods have mercy on my soul…


If you made it this far, thanks for reading


This post was written under the influence of this …song 🙂

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  1. My character banks store many greatswords and daggers and heavy armor for the day that may never come: When I actually roll up a Fighter and yet not another Monk.

    I just can’t let go of that greatsword that has Phantasmal Killer. It’s GOT to be useful sometime, you know?

  2. I am still hoarding the Threnalion blade _and_ the dagger 🙁

  3. @teachersyn: I hear ya. The “maybe I’ll use it someday” always gets me too.
    Off topic, in my next life I’m going to be a Monk (first monk ever!) so I have been reading your Guide and have to say it is awesome. Thanks for making it.

    @Geoff: Then you are a better hoarder than I am. I salute you, good sir!

  4. I’m another hoarder… i like to keep hold of things for those times when changes come in & sometimes it pays off – i’ve got 2 of the old Shining Devastation greatclubs knocking about which are now pretty kick-ass with the amendments to the damage dice (Shade did some calculations & turns out that the new one is pretty much on-par with the eSOS when combined with the right destinies), as well as a couple of large augment slotted crafting blanks, and unusual collectables such as the scarab powders etc.

  5. My inventory issues are so bad I’ve been known to sell off last minute to our ship’s tavern, tr, then buy it back somewhere in the first half of the next life. This is bound to come back to bite me in the future when/if the devs get around to addressing important buggs. Pls don’t tell me if it’s fixed. I deserve to live the punchline. 🙂

  6. I feel bad for the person who bought war blade. They probably thought they were getting the new one!

    @teachersyn Do you mean Terror? Or random loot gen? ‘Cause Terror is a nice sword but not as good as it once was =(

    @geoffhanna My hoarding extends to the ceremonial dagger! I need to turn it in.

  7. This has made me admit to myself that I have a hoarding problem. I currently have in my TR bank, Every named item, old and new/upgrade from VOD, HOX, VON, Sub-T, Amarath, Threnal end rewards, 5 spare GH clicky belts, 3 spare DW clicky goggles, and every damn rune arm in the game. All of this on a toon that will be an AA on every single one of her 25 lives, and has no use for 99% of any of this stuff. And I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it.

    Just the other day I was going through my old lootgen bows/melee weapons trying to force myself to get rid of the ones that are no longer useful. (ended up trashing +1 paralyzing Longbow of puregood, Wounding of Puncturing Longbow and a bunch of other at one point awesome loot gen bows. all of which had icy burst rituals and force rituals on them. Needless to say I was sad to see them go.

    Although, I may have just been sad to see so many drowshood wasted, when I need them so badly now. haha

  8. This looks a DDO hoarders-anonymous meeting 🙂 Glad to know I’m not alone.

    @Russ: Didn’t know you could do that…new horizons await my hoarding 😉

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