Apr 162013

The DDO Compendium is going away, and like much of the other DDO-related web presence, will not be replaced. I am rewriting and transferring some of the references that I created from the Compendium to this site while I can. These articles refer to older quests, but I still use the information, sporadically, while re-leveling my TR characters.

Entering the Shroud requires a completed Shavarath Signet Stone. Creating a Greensteel item or weapon also begins with a completed Shavarath Signet Stone.

Shavarath Signet Stone

Completing the signet stone requires one of each of five stones which are found in the end chest of one of the five quests in the Vale of Twilight. The five stones must be combined in the Eldritch Altar of Fecundity. The NPC Valairea Satnarine provides tutoring in the use of the altar.

The stones will always be present in the end chest except when the quest is run on Casual in which case there is only a chance that the stone will be present.

Stones match up with quests as follows:

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