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Shopping at the Maul
Alchemical, Drow, Mineral II. Fierce! But not enough.

Chelena Armstrong is the World’s Strongest Halfling and a most fierce warrier. Very fierce.

But she is also a purveyor of the finer of life’s two-handed hammers, a sledge aficionado, a connoisseur of the bludgeon, or in DDO terms, a Kensai III Maul specialist.

Her relationship with the maul has gone through phases. Once she had a multitude of them, like a golfer with a full bag of clubs, able to select the one that was most suitable for each opponent.

Later in her life, tiring of the constant weapon switching, she underwent maul consolidation, dedicating herself to the ever-applicable DR-penetrating multipurpose swingery of the Mineral II Greensteel maul.

Now though as she climbs the Epic Destiny tree, her tastes have matured and she now believes – again – that no single maul can serve all purposes.

She still carries her beloved Min II for those opponents with unusual defenses, but has once again begun accumulating other mauls for more specific situations.

Oh, there are others too. A disruptor. A banisher. A smiter.

But she wants more! MOAR!

  • Epic Fury of the Flame for opponents with fire or light vulnerabilities
  • Tier III Alchemical Earth Maul in case anything is vulnerable to acid
  • Loot-gen Oceanic (or Riptide) of Freezing Gale (or The Icy Depths) for things that hate cold
  • Tier III Mournlode Maul for undead
  • Epic Hammer of Life because it adds three more Heal spells, and at this point what is one more difficult-to-acquire maul?

She has already acquired everything except the shards needed to create the two epics. She has a Tier I Alchemical maul. She once created the Mournlode maul except at the last minute she accidentally made a warhammer instead.

Out of all of these, the loot-generator cold hammer may end being the hardest to get.

I have no idea which will be the best DPS. Some hammers are much better than others, even better than those that are targeted against specific targets. It’s hard to calculate on the fly. But it doesn’t matter, she has decided that she must have them all.

It often takes awhile, but usually my characters get the things they really want. And she really wants them. All of them.

Back to the hammery grind for me. I’ve got mauls to build!

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  1. If I weren’t so enraptured (or should it be enwraptured?) with monks I’d definitely be swinging the big hammer. If I ever find the fortitude to endure another barbarian life the maul collection will be broken out of the bank again.

  2. Sounds like Chelena’s maul collection could give Acanthia’s handwrap collection a run… which begs the question (at least from Acanthia’s standpoint), does she have any mauls of greater halfling bane?

  3. If my barbs weren’t dorfs (and thus nearly obligated to go for axes) they’d totally be swinging mauls.

  4. Well, dorfs can get +2 attack/damage… but it’s as much the look of the thing. Dorfs with giant two-hander hammers is plain WEIRD *g*

  5. Dorfs + Warhammers = famous love affair

  6. I have an Random Loot piece of “+2 Forceful Cold Iron Maul of Blinding Embers” that made my day last EE VoN 6. It was late for Risia, but never late for Force Burst Enchantments. And finding it while running my Fury of the Wild life made my TR the most shamelful i’ve undertaken, by not testing it. This life i’ll be Barbarian again, but who knows how long will it take to get a grip on this marvelous piece of pain.
    I reckon, the new random loot can turn out great, but rarely worth like this.

  7. What server is Chelena on? I’ve got a Screaming Maul of Mauling (no, really!) that she might like. I saw it on AH one day and had to have it just because it was a maul… Of MAULING!!!

    • Sarlona. And who wouldn’t want a Maul of Mauling? πŸ™‚

      • Okay, Chelena better really be the World’s Strongest Halfling, because I just dumped a truly massive amount of named and random loot in her mailbox. Try not to make the same mistake you made with Knicker on that Shroud run. Be sure to clear inventory space because I was rather generous even for me. I also left messages on the first one and the last two, so be sure to catch those!

  8. I have run quick calc and might be wrong, but it seems that 3xpositive GS is better than Mournlode and Fury of Flame vs undead.

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