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Shindoku Does the Math

I am sort of a math guy. Not the kind of math guy that actually knows what he is doing, not at all. But at least the kind of math guy that likes numbers and graphs and who values evidence over conjecture. That kind of math guy. Just enough logic and math ability to be able to make a living as a programmer, but not a dash more.

But I digress, this is not about me at all. This is about a forum user named Shindoku*, who also goes by character names like Shindurza and (one would assume) other Shin-starting, vaguely Asian, multi-syllable designations. I know Shin, he has had a character in the Halfling Commandos, long ago, and likewise I once had a character in his guild on Orien. For that matter, I may still, sadly I have not logged onto Orien in a year or more and have no idea. Time passes. Game play changes.

But anyway.

Shin is a most-excellent DDO player and companion. And now he has done something so all-encompassing and awesome that I have difficulty coming up with appropriate adjectives to describe it: Shin has entered every single named item in DDO into a spreadsheet, broken out by the effects that each item possesses. Weapons, shields, armor, clothing, jewelry, everything. Everything! Imagine the time spent; it awes me.

* As pointed out below by astute reader Comic Relief, I do not know for a fact that Shindoku and Shindurza are the same person. I am assuming. But if they are not, then they are both awesome! But I should include this clarification until I can confirm one way or the other.

You can find Shindoku’s forum post explaining the spreadsheets here. You can find the spreadsheets themselves here.

I am both enthralled and impressed. So much work! So useful!

I haven’t figured out how to use the spreadsheets “correctly” yet. Maybe I select gear in each slot and it updates my character sheet? That seems likely. Maybe a video of someone putting the tool through it’s paces would be helpful.

But I don’t need to know the “right” way. Because data! Everywhere! Look at all the data!

I was almost late posting this article because I got lost in analyzing data. Did you know there are more named Mauls than there are Khopeshes? I certainly did not, and in fact I would have sworn that the opposite was true; it seems like we get new khopeshes every update but that is simply not the case. Not at all. And now I know.

Like I said, evidence over conjecture.

Here is a snippet of the tool, a few rows that cover Bucklers. You’ll probably have to enlarge it to read it.

Shindoku's Spreadsheet on Bucklers

Shindoku’s spreadsheet on Bucklers. Click to see full-sized

How awesome is this?

I have a basic algorithm I like to follow when gearing my characters:

  1. Make a list of all the attributes I want for the character (things like Strength or Deathblock or Force Lore or whatever)
  2. Order the list by priority (for instance I may want Deathblock but need Heavy Fortification)
  3. For each attribute, find all of the gear that provides that attribute
  4. Starting with the highest priority attributes, choose gear for each slot
  5. Adjust as necessary until as many of the attributes as possible have been slotted

It is very time-consuming. I once did it “out loud” (where you could all see) in this article. The whole thing probably took me four or five hours. An entire evening’s worth of DDO play. Which makes it tough to do: when faced with the choice of (1) Play tonight or (2) spend the night paging the DDO Wiki and bookkeeping, well, that is really a simple choice to make. Sorry bookkeeping, maybe later.

But of course, “later” never comes and my character runs around in a rag-tag mismatch of whatever I happen to have. And I wonder why some of them under-perform.

Now though, I suspect that now, if I can figure out how to properly use Shin’s creation, now maybe I can design a gear loadout in one sitting. Maybe even in less than an evening. Meaning I am far more likely to actually do it.

Thank you Shin, what a wonderful tool you’ve provided. And look at all the data!

I suspect you may see some of that data put to use right here on DDOGamer in the very near future.

Strongly suspect.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. I’d call this a +5 spreadsheet πŸ˜‰

  2. I’m not 100% certain that Shinduko and Shindurza are the same person. They could be – the name does follow Shindurza’s typical (but not ‘always’) naming convention of Shin-something…and (last I heard) he does have (3) accounts, so maybe. Guess the only way we’d know for sure is if either Shincarnations (see what I did there?) were to confirm or deny.

    In any event, it does look like a cool tool.

    And also in any event, you *do* still have a toon in our Cannith guild (“Roland” the war-hammer wielding Dwarf). We don’t kick anyone for inactivity (in fact, I can only think of one, maybe two, actual ‘kicks’ from the guild…ever).

  3. This does seem like a pretty awesome sheet. I’m looking forward to exploring its utility as well :).

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