Dec 102014

Keep Calm and Redo Everything
Some of the suggestions were more … thorough … than others

Yesterday I posted a new build, an intelligence-based melee/ranged DPS character intended for the end-game. I invited commentary.

And I got some! (To put mildly). A dozen comments here, and another dozen on the forums! None of which were “Hi, Welcome” or “noob” or any of the other common forum responses that are zero help but nonetheless fill many forum threads.

They weren’t even all about whether or not I only “do” halflings. Some, but not all, not even half!

Yay! Thoughtful feedback, presented usefully! Who’d a thunk it?

All of which leaves me the task of collating the advice I’ve received and deciding which changes to make to the new build.

Many of the suggestions took the form of “you don’t need (something specific)”. Many others took the form of “you are missing (something specific)”. Both of these types of input were helpful, but even better were the ones that identified what was unneeded and what was missing in the same context: it is easier to consider trading one aspect for another than it is to consider just adding something or just removing something.

And of course there was the odd comment here and there that was just wrong: “put some points in Heal”, for instance, when I have already put maximum ranks into that very skill.

Some of the suggestions were well-meaning but took the form of “do something else entirely”. I mean the “well-meaning” part, this was an unusually civil discussion considering that half of it took place on the forums. But still, redoing everything is not the point.

It was not easy to decide on the 14 ranger/5 wizard/1 rogue split. In fact, you all helped me with that too, in more than one post; yet it still took about a month to solidify. I am open to tweaking the formula, but not abandoning it. So no, I will not be “dropping the wizard”, nor redoing with SWF, nor redoing as a STR build, nor adding a lot of Bard levels. Not that these are bad ideas, they are not. But they are describing a different character.

The most sensible suggestion that I  am not pursuing is the one where I trade Evasion, and Dodge and UMD for heavier armor, AC, PRR and MRR. Dropping Rogue in favor of Paladin is within the scope of changes I’d consider, but I don’t think in this case it is actually making the build better. I feel that it is only making it different.

I may be wrong about that. I thought that (armor) or (evasion) were basically two differing ways to achieve the same result , but I haven’t played an Armor character in EE since the Armor Up changes went live; maybe armor is now clearly the superior choice? If so I will have to revisit this. But for now I am going to pass.

Here are the main things I was able to extricate from the various suggestions, some of which make sense to me to one degree or another:

I do not need as much Strength, or Wisdom, or Mobility, or Spring Attack, or Halfling enhancements, or Tumble.

I need more of the things from this list:

  • Empower Healing
  • Empower
  • Maximize
  • Precision
  • Power Attack
  • Dance of Death
  • Know the Angles
  • Improved Elemental Arrows
  • Highly Skilled
  • Spellsword
  • Disable Device

I am definitely going to swap in Empower or Maximize for Mental Toughness. Better healing is better.

I am definitely starting with less STR and more WIS. Better saves are better.

I am definitely going to figure a way to get Precision into the feat mix. Not sure how I am going to do that, but I will find a way.

I am probably going to swap in Disable Device for Tumble. Disabling traps does feel more Commando-like than fancy shoulder rolls.

I am very likely to be modifying the enhancement choices based on the feedback received, but I need some time with the enhancement tool to know exactly which ones I will be adopting.

Thank you to everyone who contributed, I truly appreciate the time and effort you spent helping me to improve my build. Even if I didn’t take your advice, I considered it, and I believe that more choices = better outcome. So thank you all again.

Special thanks to Unbongwah for the thoroughness of his advice and the way it was presented (as trade-offs with reasoning). And extra special thanks to Comic Relief who was not only thorough, but went and actually built out the character so he could see what it would look like in reality rather than just in theory.

Very nice.

You all are so awesome!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. You’re welcome. And thank-you.

  2. if all you want is better healing, you might look more in the direction of empower healing than maximize or empower – its a better cost benefit ratio in terms of spell points to spell power.

    having said that, if you are utilizing SLA like say, i dunno, cacooon, you dont get charged for the metamagics…(although, not sure if you can maximize or empower cacoon of the top of my head…)

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