Mar 202013

Shard Era: Day 3
Tattered Remnants of Grand Shard Auction Plans

Welcome to Day Three of the Astral Shard era.

As near as I can tell the Earth is still spinning on it’s axis. There were no rains of frogs or clouds of locusts. No lightning rained down on the head of Pay-To-Win blasphemers, and life as we know it seems to be continuing at it’s traditional pace.

But it is only Day Three, so those of you expecting grim tidings still have hope. Although I wonder if it is really “hope” when one is awaiting DDDdddddoooooooooommmMMMM!1!!

But I digress. I wanted to talk about Shard Auctions. Specifically those that I posted myself, and the small number that I am following as possible purchases.

When I first logged in after the update, I ran through all of my VIP account characters on Sarlona. All 15 of them.

Since all of my character inventories are choked by too much bound-item hoarding, I had high hopes; here is a chance to clear some space and earn some cool stuffs at the same time. I mean, who doesn’t want cool stuffs?

But somehow it was not to be. Hundreds of items viewed, many of them being stored only because I fear to throw them away, and yet out of that, a grand total of six that were Bound to Character on Equip and one that was Bound To Account on Equip.

Seven items. And only one them was really very good. Nonetheless, I posted them all. And threw in a couple of extras: Irian festival cake, a named (but unbound) axe, a Robe of Winter (since it turned out I had four of them), and a couple dozen potions of wonder.

I priced everything low, at least it seemed really low to me. Except the one good item which I probably way over-priced, it is the Light and Darkness shield and no one else had posted one. I had no guidelines.

No bids, not yet, not even one.

I tested the Exchange’s posting rules pretty thoroughly. No raid items, no bound on acquire items of any sort. I tried a couple dozen different BTCOA and BTAOA items but they all bounced. Maybe I missed some? I am sure there are those who are testing every single one. My random sample testing was driven by curiosity rather than an actual attempt to find an exploit so I won’t be as determined as those who are exploit-driven.

Not much for sale that I want either, except a Spider Silk Robe for my Archmage and a Spider Spun Caparison for my Wizard/Monk. I don’t want either of these things all that badly, I’ll get them on my own eventually, but they have effects that are randomly chosen when they drop and by buying them I can get specifically what I want.

Plus, they are reasonably priced on Sarlona, 30-50 shards each, which to be honest seems quite low.

But I will not – will not! – buy shards from the DDOStore just to spend them on the Shard Exchange. I will either earn them through sales of my own or just do without. Besides, both items are also available on the regular Auction House for platinum, and unlike Astral Shards, plat is something that I have in plentitude.

No successful Shard Exchange activity for me, not yet. I have to admit that the impact of the Shard Exchange is less than I expected. I didn’t factor in that it is only good for items that are unbound or Bind on Equip. In other words, it won’t have anything on it that cannot already be had through the regular Auction House.


If this is the apocalypse, it is turning out to be a much gentler apocalypse than I would have expected.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. The little bit of time i have given to look at the shard exchange gives me one little thought, people are still finding the footing with its pricing.

    If there is something i want bad enough i would totally buy shards from the store to buy it. But every item i have even had a passing want to have is way more then i would ever spend. If said item was in the store for the TP cost in shards i would be lolzing all the way to the quest to grind it out for myself.

    I assume in a few weeks things will start to settle down. I would think that the best things will end up going for 200ish shards and normal easy to grind things in the single or low double digits.

  2. One thing that I noticed on the Shard exchange yesterday. +4 Tomes. A LOT OF THEM. I have personally never witnessed a +4 Tome in the regular AH, ever, but there were a large chunk of them in the ASAH.

  3. As far as I have seen, the Shard Exchange doesn’t seem to be bad at all, I just won’t use it unless I’m feeling very lucky.

  4. 🙂 The shard AH doesn’t interest me much, but I haven’t been spending much plat on the AH either. I could maybe sell something, I have 5 Terrorweb Chitin Breastplates, but they’re all different, and I might need them in the future.

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