Nov 132014

Thunder-Shadowscale Everywhere!
I’d make something Shadowscaled for AdventureDog too, if only I could

I think I’ve now made various types of first and second-tier Shadowscale Armor and Thunder-Forged weapons for everyone. All of my characters that have enough levels, at least, and probably one or two that had to shelve it until they reach the higher levels. Everyone is thoroughly equipped.

It’s become a basic step in leveling. Reach level 25, fight your way to the Magma Forge, build everything you want.

I don’t think it was supposed to be quite so easy. It didn’t use to be, even as recently as last July, when my Barbarian earned her Thunder-Forged weapons it was still kind of a big deal.

But no longer. Now the upgrades are all but automatic. Why?

Fire sale on Fire Scales
Fire sale on fire scales! Shadow scales too.
Also, ingots, even though they are not shown

Because Shard Exchange. Because all of the ingredients are available at Walmart prices. Except Commendations of Valor, but those already drop like leaves in autumn. Just take them as end rewards, regularly, and there will be no excuse to not have several hundred by the time one hits level 25.

Tier 3 Thunder-forged still takes some doing. You have to run the raids to get the materials, no Shard Exchange for Phlogiston. And it’s BTC so no sharing either. But that is Tier 3. Tiers one and two are still awesome, generally much better than any non-Thunder-Forged competitor. And there is no tier 3 for Shadowscale armor, you can max that right from the get-go, all with store-bought stuff that you keep in your account bank.

There’s no reason not to kit up everyone.

For that matter, there’s no reason not to have everyone in Thundering, Shadowscaled everything. If only we had more Thundery/Shadowscalery to choose!

  • A Thunder-Forged Pen and Pencil set for the graduate!
  • Shadowscale bucket seats in your new Mustang!
  • A set of matching Thunder-Forged fondue forks for entertaining with flair!
  • Shadowscale Spanx for … well … you know if you need them


Thundering Shadowscales for everyone!

๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Somedays I wish rare things were rare again. I like the look, but looking cool and playing cool are two different things.

  2. I love the heavy shadowscale stuff.. that’s some tasty DR there & hey, it works for druids! Dragonmarked elf druid with heavy armour proficiency & tower shield is quite possibly the most durable nuking spellcaster out there.

  3. Is that the stuff posted cheap that is supposedly from duping?

  4. <shrug> Depends on how likely you think it is that multiple people looted 10,000 scales </shrug>

  5. Definitely looking good!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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