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May 232013

Lots of DDO news all of a sudden, an onslaught, new update, new expansion pack, new features falling about like snow. New bugs too (of course).

We’ll get to all of it, I promise, but not all at once and certainly not today. There is just too much.

Today let’s limit ourselves to just the various new creatures you can add to your party. There are a lot! Five of them, assuming you buy the most deluxe versions of everything.

There’s a flying cat:

Flying cat. In retrospect the only question is why these haven't been in the game all along
Cuteness Overload

This guy (gal?) doesn’t do anything except fly along behind you and look cute. But then, does he need to do anything else? Technically it is not a cat, it is a Tressym, but who’s counting.

There’s an owlbear. Actually there are three owlbears, two that are hirelings, but we’ll get to those shortly. For now let’s look at the companion:

Here's looking at you, kid
Who! Grrr! Who! Grrr!

Who’s a little cutey? You are, tiny tan Owlbear! Although when one is being compared to flying cats, well …

Now for the other two owlbears. They are gold seal hirelings, just like the Onyx Panther from the previous expansion pack. Here, they are keeping close watch on my caster Ejecta:

Two! Two! Two owlbears for the price of one!
A Pair o’ Bears

One of the Owlbears is level 17 and the other is level 25 (Or 24? Is that right? I forget already). The owlbears really need their own separate article. But it looks like they are every bit as good as the Onyx Panther for their levels.

Here they are in action:

Lots of fearsome beaks and claws
Owlbears may be the silliest monster ever, but these ones are MY silly monsters

Slashing and … beaking? … they dominate the Vale. But then they should since they are higher CR.

I saved the best for last. Naturally that is my opinion, I suspect that some will prefer the flying cats. I love cats too, really, but for me, the best new creature is the pseudodragon:


A pseudodragon! Now if only my caster could actually use her as a familiar … ah but a man has to have dreams. For now, at least she is in the game, and that is good enough.

A pseudodragon!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Gotta agree, the new cosmetic pets are awesome, very cute & really detailed models too.. now i just need to name them 🙂

  2. I will be picking up the xpac tonight, I am still new content free….

  3. Pseudodragons are the reason all my P&P mages were always neutral good! I want one…

  4. are you serious? the owlbear suck for their level…. try compare them with any hireling of same level.. they barely do any damage, and their health drop insanely fast for a tank

    • Which quests are you running with the owlbears?

      • Level appropriate ones. I don’t have them myself, but the forums are alight with Owlbear vs. Panther threads with the vast majority saying the venerable (and unloved by the developers) Panther is directly on par with the level 25 Owlbear and is ridiculously beyond the 17th level Owlbear. And yes, while there should be a gap between the latter two, it shouldn’t be a canyon.

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