May 242013

Today’s post continues the idea where I model everything from the Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion pack and pre-sale.

Yesterday we looked at all the animals involved. All five of them. Today, it’s cosmetics. Hats, goggles, outfits.

Lots of cosmetics in this set, many more than last time. Let’s dive in.

There are two Bladeforged cosmetic outfits. Only Bladeforged can wear them, they appear on the character at creation and are bound to character. Regular warforged are S.O.L. They look nice though. Here is the Steel outfit:


Bladeforged Steel

Steel Bladeforged Frame


And here is the Grand outfit:


Bladeforged Grand

Grand Bladeforged Frame


There is also an outfit for non-Bladeforged. Only one. It is called Wilderness and is being modeled by the very lovely and Commando-like Mawry Haversack:


Wilderness outfit
Wilderness outfit


It is kind of nice to have something with pants that is not obviously for a monk πŸ™‚

Goggles and hats are not left out. There are two goggles and – finally – a big floppy brim wizard hat. Note that you only get one of each of the cosmetics. They are bound to account so you can swap them from one character to another but still, only one of each cosmetic is there to be swapped. You cannot outfit your whole team with (for instance) Stormhorn Specs.

But regardless. Here, at last, is the big floppy-brim wizard hat:


Wizard hat
Mawry looks dashing – and very young – in Gandolf’s hat


Chelena Armstrong looks fashionable and (of course) very fierce in the Mountaineer’s Goggles


Mountaineers Goggles

Mountaineers Goggles


And looks even more fashionable in the Stormhorn Specs:


Stormhorn Specs

Stormhorn Specs


Those ones look so nice on her that I think they have found their permanent home.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Well, the Stormhelm Specs look perfect for my tanker Monk’s eventual Matrix look once I get my Flawless White Dragonscale Robe. πŸ™‚ The sad news is how Turbine is really pressing the prices. While armor kits ranged from 150 to 650 TP, these new permanent appearances start off at least 650. That’s a lot of TP just to look good and I’m not quite biting at this yet until I find an outfit look I’ll use no matter what outfits or robes I actually wear. I usually buy 2-3 kits per toon over a year anyhow, so the economy might work out.

    Pointy hats. Great. Now everyone can run around with wands and go all Potter on things or look like Pikeminster, Great Wizard of Piking. πŸ™‚

    • The prices have gone up, BUT they’re individual items now so don’t need to be reapplied (so you can find a look for your character that you like at 1st level & have them look the same for the rest of their lives if you want), and they’re also bound to account so can be transferred between characters if you fancy a bit of a change… overall a very nice change IMO.

  2. Dont forget that you can equip the hat on the pets. Had my owlbear wearing the dunce hat.

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