Sep 222011

She loves the DDOs!

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  1. My first reaction was horror because I got a sudden mental image of my mother joining me on a Shroud run. *shudder*

    But after that I laughed. 😀

  2. As a former ‘non-traditional’ student, I can tell you that most professors actually welcome the older students in their classes. The professors know that they REALLY want to be there, whereas, almost half of the new freshmen in college these days are there so they do not have to go out and find a job, and are still allowed to live at home, as long as they are in school.

  3. Is that Ben Roethlesberger behind her? What class are they taking?

  4. @PrdPolack – me too! I was recently a non-traditional freshman myself! But an internet meme is not personal, it is like Henny Youngman making jokes about his wife when he in reality had a long and (by all reports) happy marriage.

  5. Nothing new to me ive played several MMO’s with older players one of witch was a 97 year old woman. she was a bit slow on reaction but she got the job done. i might add she was max lvl in that game also. just a lonly board old lady with nothing better to do.

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