Oct 282015

Overall I am not the fastest at TR’ing my characters, I enjoy the process but don’t play enough to drive a fast cycle.  So the time has finally come to say goodbye to my Monk life.  Overall it was one of the most enjoyable lives I have done in DDO.

A 3 class build with Monk, Cleric and Paladin.  Monk speed and healing bursts coupled with ameliorating strike and lay on hands.  Add in some stance PRR and light damage on every hit and go to town.

No balance pass, but who needs it, the only time I had an issue with the build is when I ignored reason and tried to take on way more than I should.  It is the only life where I actually solo’d EE content (did it by accident, thought I had walked in on hard and wondered why it seemed more difficult)

Time to circle back to a past life with a new twist, the Rogue Mechanic.  Another life I enjoyed but now with a twist.


Does DDO now require self healing??  Are Pots and UMD still viable in Heroic content?  Well I think I am going to find out.

In order to maximize my bomb potential, AKA the Mad Bomber Build, I am passing on self healing via spells and dragon marks and going back to old school methods….will they still be effective????

Time to find out and have some fun Mr. Mad Bomber here we come!!

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  1. Good luck! And please keep us posted!

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