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One day I am bemoaning the under-utilization of quests like Temple of Elemental Evil and Master Artificer due to the devaluation of their loot and the difficulty of their grind.

The next day, I am running said under-utilized quests. Literally within 48 hours.

Life is a series of irony.

Nonetheless, there I was, dodging multiple dozens of bad guys in ToEE, only to get shot down by Zuggtmoy who we have forgotten how to defeat, and who is thoroughly deadly even when you are prepared and practiced. Fail.



Zuggtmoy reminds us that she is a total badass


And there I was again, less than 24 hours later, tanking a purple-named Warforged Titan in Master Artificer. A task made easier by the fact that we were vastly over-level and playing on Normal. Overkill, yes, but we are short-manning and more importantly, we are still smarting from the spanking given us last week by the Lord of Blades and are taking no chances. Win.

A quick and painless victory, followed by several minutes of “does anyone want an alchemical short sword? A light crossbow? How about a shuriken?” while we internally distribute the various goodies found in the end chests.

Had we been successful in the Temple of Elemental Evil, I would be about 5.5% of the way complete towards equipping my Gnome Assassin with ToEE gear. Which is about the same as having made no progress whatsoever. I am not in any way tempted to continue down this mushroomy path.

One successful pass through Lord of Blades and Master Artificer, added to the hoarded remains of past House Cannith victories, means I am about 15% of the way towards making an alchemical maul for Chelena, something I’ve been meaning to do for years but never been able to advance. Even though this is several times closer to completion than ToEE kit, I am not at all tempted to continue down this alchemical path either.


Toven's Office

Toven’s office: he might be an evil slave maker, but he does have good taste


It actually came up for discussion. Two of the Commandos in Master Artificer had never been there before. Entranced by their new Alchecmical weapons, they just assumed (naivete can be so charming) we would be running the quests again to complete Alchemical crafting.

“No” said several voices at once. No one who understood the amount of grind required was at all interested in pursuing said grind. No one.

I am not sure what point I am making here. I’ve already made the case for reducing the grind in these quests, doing so again smacks of redundancy.

I guess I just did not expect that I would immediately be confronted by the facts behind that case. But I was. Immediately.

Turbine really does need to make a grind reduction pass of their old content. It would encourage us to reuse the old stuff.

And I now have empirical evidence* to back that statement up.

I guess there is a certain amount of satisfaction to be gained in being correct about something and seeing that correctness happen, right before you, for real, no longer just conjecture but actual happenstance.

Not just opinion. Evidence!

Still, I’d rather have not needed to be right about this. I’d rather that MA and LOB and ToEE were able to yield completed gear with three or four completions, instead of 15-20, so my little core of Commandos could be building cool mushroom-based and alchemical gear. And not just those quests either, but all of the old crafting systems.

Someone should write an article about this.

Oh, wait!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

* Yes, Comic, I mean empirical, not anecdotal.

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  1. When you’re right, you’re right man. πŸ™‚

  2. Zuggy is most def a TPK machine to an unprepared group..

  3. “Life is a series of ironies.”

  4. πŸ™‚


  5. You had me at the PS to Comic. LOL

    But yeah. So many older quests that are never run any more (except maybe once for favor) because there’s just no reason to. I could totally get behind a loot pass.

  6. When you are right, you are right, except in this case…because you are wrong. What TOEE needs is additional incentive to run it, not incentive to run it a couple of times then never run it again. The current problem is that the top tiers of crafted TOEE armor/weapons pale in comparison to other items of similar grind/level (Thunderforged and leg shroud specifically). TOEE weapons need an additional tier or 2 or 10 which allow upgrading to a worthwhile item. Ideal these items would not be better than shroud/TF but rather be better for specific niche circumstances, like IDK, let’s say fighting creatures of the elements (or opposing elements) of the specific elemental type of the item crafted.

    Also, there aren’t any “auxiliary” items present in TOEE that would make people not interested in the crafting (or who have already completed their crafting) want to do the quest. (Items like unique named augments for example. Or high level tomes. Or uber disposable ammo. Or whatever.)

    PS. You might be right about Master Artificer / LOB. But really, has anyone even run those for years?

    • Yep, I have πŸ™‚ I managed to get a nice set of tier 3 Alchemical spell scimitars for my Druid lives. They were very effective until replaced by tier 3 T Forged ones. The thing most people don’t know or remember about MA and LOB is that you only need 5 runs for a completion on MA and 10 runs for LOB making them both very attractive to grind compared to 20 completion Raids.

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