Aug 182014

Paralyzed gargoyles, hovering (apparently)
How do they stay aloft when their wings are paralyzed? Are they anti-gravity gargoyles?

If you look at the image above, you’ll note gargoyles, flying, but paralyzed. Held in place while my Commando Mawry can slowly plink-plink-plink them to death.

Handy, that. Especially when one can line up many bad guys and hold them all. Improved Precise Shot combining with Paralying Arrows to create a most impressive green-wrapped conga line of Crowd Control.

Yes, sometimes, the life of an Arcane Archer is quite satisfying. But there are rumblings that concern me.

Mawry is level 15. She has upgraded her various Arcane Archer arrows as far as they can be upgraded. Already, even at level 15, they do not work on every creature (note the one gargoyle that is not held). This seems like an evil portent: if this high of a percentage of things are able to save from Mawry’s arrow effects at level 15 Normal content, what will happen at level 28?

Do these things scale? At all?

Ditto for the Terror arrows. Very handy for crowd control (albeit annoying for Mawry’s melee companions). But also, able to be resisted by a surprisingly high percentage of opponents. And they almost never result in a Phantasmal Killer death.

Am I leveling Mawry along a dead-end path?

Anyone out there playing a capped Arcane Archer? How do your abilities hold up in the end game? Still worth having? Or do you end up ignoring all of them except the DPS achievable via Manyshot and Slaying Arrows?

Inquiring minds want to know.


🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. A quick look at the description of Paralyzing Arrows reveals the DCs are 18/22/26 so it’s clear how often the effect will trigger on EH or EE: 5% of the time. The Terror Arrow DCs are even lower (let alone the fact it’s one of the most irritating abilities).
    So yes, on Epic you only want to use the AA abilites that don’t have a DC.

  2. On a somewhat-related note, unfortunately it looks like the tendon slice effect from dun robar rings doesn’t work on bows any more, which is a shame.. combining that, the shimmering arrowhead from weapon shipment, paralysing arrows & the shiradi capabilities allowed for some awesome CC options, now they’re merely decent.

  3. I have wondered about the scaling of those things, but since I don’t play a lot of ranged characters, that’s about all I’ve done.

    What I’ve done more of, however, is suggest they’re a little over-powered around the 20 points of progression required to get them. It’s really part of the heroic power creep, so you’re right, at level 28 it’s quite possible they’ll be under powered; but, who cares about your heroic enhancements, use your epic destinies!

  4. Although paralyzing arrows are still decent combined with Manyshot, even past 20. But I agree on the poor scaling – they start off as completely OP for their level and end up kind of “meh”. Myself, I kind of prefer Force imbue given its low tier and free ghost touch.

    Also, this is why I prefer Deepwood Sniper 🙂 I never really “got” the new AA tree, and lots of the cool stuff takes lots of spellpoints most pure rangers won’t have. DWS is also much more survivable and its cores, IMO, are much better than AA, especially the capstone.

  5. Have you tested this: arrowhead from weapon shipment? I have never gotten it to work, much like the armor that does the same.

    • I am using it now. Note word “using”, not “testing”. I should pay more attention to my combat log. I don’t see targets getting crippled. Is there a visual cue?

      • Normally the mob will flash blue when it is crippled. I have never seen this, they move at the same rate, and its not in the combat log.

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