Jul 152016

So there I was, harmlessly checking my twitter feed, when suddenly there appears a wild Samius Gurobo! He of the DDO Cocktail Hour, and many past appearances on DDOCast, and streamer of many twitches.

That Samius Gurobo.

In my twitter stream, talking about the FeyBuckler character build. Or rather, posting an image that shows a partially geared FeyBuckler at level cap:

Check out the numbers! 35% doublestrike! 150 PRR! 45% melee alacrity! This is what I was hoping to achieve when I devised the build. Super-fast melee, with benefits.

I can’t tell what most of that gear is by the icons. Some I can guess – Black Dragon scale light armor, I think? And what appears to be Aspect of Smoke Green Steel Bracers? Intricate Field Optics?

The rest is a mystery to me. Perhaps Samius will stop by and explain the rest of his kit load out.

I note he also has some changes to the build he would like to make. Unspecified changes. I am curious as to what?

At this point Samius is probably the game’s leading expert on this build, having been playing it at end game for some time. My own FeyBuckler is languishing in the mid-twenties still, waiting for his turn to play. But I am not playing as much DDO as I had been, and what I have been playing is mainly raids that my FeyBuckler is not flagged to run. He is likely to be languishing for some time.

I would love to hear more from the FeyBuckler expert!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Oh my friend. my gear was worse then that. 🙂

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