Apr 172013

The DDO Compendium is going away, and like much of the other DDO-related web presence, will not be replaced. I am rewriting and transferring some of the references that I created from the Compendium to this site while I can. These articles refer to older quests, but I still use the information, sporadically, while re-leveling my TR characters.

The Ruins of Gianthold
The Ruins of Gianthold

  • Level: 13
  • You must be in the level range 10 to 18 to get full experience for this quest.
  • XP per encounter: 800
  • Bonus XP for solving all encounters: 4,000

Note that this quest cannot be completed as of this writing (post Update 17). Pride Leader Xilic no longer appears.

Encounter Type Location
1 Slay Expedition Leader Brazwold Dwarf On the run from PoP to Cry for Help *
2 Slay Zakya Master Ragath Rakshasa On the run from PoP to Cry for Help *
3 Slay Pride Leader Xilic Jarilith @ Gateway to Shavarath +
4 Slay Yaga Cracked-Bow Windlasher Gnoll On the run from city gate to Crucible
5 Slay Uthgar of Runetusk Ogre Magi On the way to Lord Cirrus
6 Slay Tarmor Stonehoof Minotaur West of Trial By Fire, have to jump
7 Slay Captain Two-Stone Stone Giant On the way from Stormfist teleport entry to Cabal For One
8 Slay Lord Jax Fire Giant A long heavily-guarded path begins in SE of lion area
9 Slay Lord Cirrus Storm Giant @ Storms Heart Summit
10 Slay Clan-Chief Ogh Hill Giant On the way to Lord Cirrus


* These two seem to always appear together
+ Has not been seen since Update 17

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