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Jan 192015

So I recently had reason to try duoing the Hound of Xoriat on one of my epic characters. I had read somewhere, or heard in a PUG, or maybe just imagined that there were Epic Destiny abilities that could overpower the Hound’s built-in damage resistance and allow for a direct kill.

So I looked. There are some powerful abilities, ways to do some extreme damage. But nothing that jumped out at me as bypassing or overwhelming 10,000 points of damage resistance.

Then I leveled, and it was one of the few epic levels where you get to pick a feat. Most of the choices were pretty mundane, but one stood out. Ruin. According to the DDO Wiki, it does untyped damage that does not allow a save.


The wiki also says that Force enhancers make it more effective.

But I am on my Ranger. I have Maximize (for healing-based reasons), and I have five levels of Wizard (for Commando-based reasons), but still, this character is not a caster.

And yet. Could this be the thing I heard/read/imagined? Ruin?

I’m going to be TR’ing as soon as I cap again (and finish with 5000 favor) so this is a low risk experiment. If the feat is not helpful, no worries, I won’t have it for very long.

And this is how I came to have Ruin on my archer/twf Mawry. I figured if I’m going to have it, ought to be able to cast it with some authority, and found a +9 Impulse bastard sword of Spellsight +20. Equipping it provides an extra 175 points of Force spell power. I’m up to 200 and change.

Thus equipped, I sally forth. Into the Subterrane. I am quickly confronted with a living spell:


For more than 1500 points of damage! It’s a one-shot kill. Nice! And a giant skeleton:


4500 points and another insta-kill!

Holy crap where has this thing been all my life? Too bad the cooldown is so long; I could totally see creating a build that does nothing but Ruins as fast as he or she can cast them. I mean, if little Mawry can hit for 4500, what could a real caster do?


There goes a bearded devil.


No, wait, couldn’t get it cast on that beholder, antimagic beam gets in the way. Soon I am surrounded by beholders and flesh renders. Nothing for it but to unlimber the bow and multi-shot them to pieces, old school.

So it’s not perfect, and I can’t use it in every circumstance. But it’s pretty awesome.

But I’ve run out of things to one-shot instakill, we’ve made it to the entrance to the Hound.

And that is a story for another day.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I think (and I emphasise think because I drink and that kills brain cells) that at one point the Fury of the Wild was used for bypassing Xy’zzy, prior to the level 28 cap (which is when Ruin was introduced?)

    No idea if that is still effective though, with all the changes over the past year.

  2. My wiz just got back to 27 and yes ruin is awesome!!

    Ive saw it crit for 11k but I’m sure others can be higher than me

  3. Don’t PvP anyone with Ruin…

  4. Interesting ability, will have to keep an eye out for it when I get up there in levels.

  5. Abilities that can damage mother hound in hox: ruin, t5 drifting lotus from grandmaster of flowers, t3 tsunami (the bludgeoning part, boosted by force spellpower) from primal avatar, shadar kai chains, and bottled tornados. Oh, and charmed puppies 🙂

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