Oct 192012

This could be trouble

You’re late entering the Shroud. Maybe you’re one of the the last ones to join. Maybe you swapped characters to help build a more balanced party. Either way, you’re in late and you’re in a hurry.

Bad enough that you are probably going to be without ship buffs. But it is about to get worse.

You’re group easily completes part one (because after all, who doesn’t?) and you loot the first two of what will be a lovely total of at least ten chests.

Except no, you don’t loot the chests, your inventory is full. You forgot to clean up after your character the last time you ran her. Or as we say in my guild, you “put her up wet”.

Your entire shroud run is going to be one long frantic game of “inventory management” while you try to find things you don’t mind destroying or otherwise free up space. Every chest will be a series of value judgements while you decide what to leave behind. No fun for you! Just inventory.

Or you could just blow off the whole thing and turn everything over to other people, after all you’ve looted the Shroud dozens of times already. But even that is a hassle, especially in a “speed run” group where everyone is trying to loot and run as fast as possible and no one wants to wait for you to finish a bunch of extraneous clicking.


“Rode hard and put up wet” is one of those phrases that I’ve used without really knowing where it came from. It sounds Western, like something one would do with a horse. Ride the horse hard, get it all foamy and sweaty, and then put it in it’s stall without a brushing. I think “brushing” is something you are supposed to do to horses? Maybe? I know a little about horsepower but nothing at all about horses themselves.

So I consult an expert. My Gamer Girl was a professional horse person for several years. According to her, if a horse is sweaty it probably has been heated up and you are supposed to “cool them off”. Failure to do so can cause the horse to “tie up” which seems to be horse-talk for getting muscle spasms and cramps. And sounds like it would be a bad thing.

Normally, I like to end an adventuring session in the Crafting Hall. This lets me bank anything I want to keep, auction anything worthwhile, sell the flotsam of scrolls/arrows/potions, repair anything equipped, and deconstruct everything else.

But sometimes there is no chance; I am running late, or My Gamer Girl awaits, or other pressure exists that causes me to finish out and also log off simultaneously.

Rode hard and put up wet. Makes your backpack “tie up” and have cramps and spasms.

Not pretty.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Ahh, but Shroud’s easy when that happens! Ignore the chests in parts one and two (mayhaps opening ’em to see if there’s anything you might want to offer others, like all those Shards of Power you don’t need. And maybe at least grabbing the Shroud ings), get through part 3 (either outright piking after your puzzle or running around in circles pretending to run water), then talk to Skeletor*. Skeletor will buy all the crap you were gonna vend. Maybe you can do that after your puzzle, sort through your stuff and red-tag the crap you want to vend. Then talk to Skeletor and tell him “Hey, Skeletor, get a load of my junk! Wanna buy it?” And Skeletor, being a savvy shopper and a frequent watcher of Pawn Stars and Storage Wars, is gonna say “Sure!”… and then offer you HIS junk at a steep mark-up. Don’t buy it. But make him buy yours all the same.

    Go on to Part 4, kick Harry’s butt and loot. Kick it again and loot some more. (NOTE: Don’t loot in Part 3 after Skeletor buys all your junk. I know, you’re tempted, you now have all this new space. But resist the temptation!) Then figure out which is the correct portal and take it back to the beginning, and loot away! Go to Part 2 and loot some more! Go to part 3, and either loot, or sell your new junk to Skeletor and loot! (This is why you shouldn’t loot in part 3, in case you run out of room again.)

    Shroud’s easy when you’re put up wet. But ToD, now THAT’S a hard one! And of course, that’s the one where the ring you want drops, and you’ll miss out on the roll ’cause you’re frantically trying to make room for the Shav trophies…

    *Not actually his name. I wouldn’t suggest selling anything to the actual Skeletor. He-Man would kick your butt to Eternia and back. But I don’t remember his name, and he’s a skeleton…

  2. Of course, ,if you ‘destroy’ items in your inventory, they are not ‘lost’ forever, for they can still be retrieved at any vendor, for a limited time, in the BUYBACK tab. This is also an option to farm named ‘Exclusive’ items in a quest, such as the Cannith Boots of Propulsion, even if you already have the item in inventory (I ‘farmed’ 4 pairs of Cannith boots in ONE run and gave away another 2 pair).

  3. why not buy the last backpack slot that would have been 20 more slots

  4. Good ideas all. If only I’d had them earlier … 🙂

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