Jul 132016

Buffing for the Demon Queen

A motley but short-handed group prepares to take down the Demon Queen. And no, “short-handed” is not a height joke.


Lately, Tuesday guild nights have been attracting more members that can easily fit into a single group. Meaning, raids, even though Friday is normally raid night.

Fridays we do the Thunderholme raids, so those are out. We can Shroud, and we have, but most of us are veterans of the time when Shroud was the only thing in the game to do and running it too often (meaning, more than once in a very long time) causes catalepsy.

So we have to go back into DDO’s past and run older raids, preferably those that are easier to flag. The recently upgraded Tempest Spine is certainly in play, as is Legendary Hound of Xoriat although for some reason I don’t think we’ve run that one on Tuesday yet (mental note – add HoX to rotation). Instead we’ve been in the Demon Queen. And lately, Lord of Blades.


Gathering those who've become lost in Tempest Spine

I wonder why we can never run Tempest Spine without someone (-cough- Judye -cough-) getting lost


Which surprised us by kicking our ass.

Seriously, too. It had been so long that none of us remembered what to do. We had picked up a couple of PUG players to fill our group, they remembered more than we did, but still we failed. Badly.

Maybe it was the characters, we thought, as we’d primarily brought characters that were levels 22-25. This time we went and got better characters, and took the time to ensure they were in useful Epic Destinies.

And got spanked again. What? What level is this quest? Didn’t we use to run this on the equivalent of Epic Hard at level 20? Why are we losing now?

Last night we tried again, with a mix of the level 22s and 30s. Except on Normal. And we won without much drama, although some of us had a difficult time remembering to stay out of the blue goo, and the tank kept intimidating everything including the steel dogs that are normally kited rather than tanked. A win is a win, even when it is one that no one will be boasting about due to level 30s on Normal.


Lord of Blades

Chelena’s owlbear Brutus does not seem to be enjoying the Lord of Blades


Next Tuesday is Master Artificer, a raid I’ve probably only run twice ever, with both runs being so far back in the day I don’t even know what year they were. Back when people actually wanted Alchemical weapons.

I predict more failures. And then more Normal. And eventual victory.

Now that I’ve typed all this out, suddenly, Legendary Hound of Xoriat is looking pretty good.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. I’m sure we used to run LoB on elite before levels above 20 and EDs… but, an experienced raid leader made a huge difference πŸ˜€

    Can one even bypass DR/Good+Adamantine the Lord of Blades with the current loot gen? I guess if you’re epic 20 DR means nothing =)

    GL with the MA raid, and HOX: shortest raid in the game [citation needed] πŸ™‚

  2. Bladesy is one of the greatest raid bosses in.DDO, in my opinion, for that very reason.. If you don’t come correct, prepare to be annihilated!

  3. I’d be happy to lead a MA or LOB raid (back to back works too). Just let me know what time (Eastern US Time Please) and I’ll do my best to be there. Send me a message in game. ~Quentina

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