Jul 082016

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And so our intrepid correspondent returns from yet another intrepid adventure, bearing new relationships (a daughter-in-law!), the loot of his conquests (a new hat!), and of course, a victorious triumphal (many, many pictures).

Only to find that things at home have gone a bit astray.

Apparently there are layoffs amongst the DDO team at Turbine. Again. Some of the peeps who have kept our creaky-yet-beloved game creaking along will be doing so no longer. This is never good for DDO, although one can find silver linings I suppose, if one looks enough, in that they didn’t just close us down.

I hate layoff day as much as I hate anything. It is the worst. Such a sense of helplessness and terror. If you are not laid off, your relief is mingled with guilt about those gone, and further anxiety about the future. Obviously, it is much worse when you are the one laid off, but there are no winners on layoff day, only varying degrees of loss.


I had planned to write about the new Cannith Crafting today. NoWorries posted quite a bit more information about it in a forum thread, there is much to discuss. It looks quite promising.

Except that assumes those needed to complete and deploy it are still around.

Sorry for the negativity. I like DDOGamer to be more upbeat. I can’t help the way reality is, but normally I try to avoid beating you over the head with it. We all know this is an old, niche game with a small player base. It has already been as great as it is ever going to be. We’ve been okay with that for a long time. I still am.

Turbine is transitioning into a free-to-play, mobile development studio, and as a result we are eliminating some positions. The Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons online games will continue to operate as they do now. Re-focusing and reducing the studio size was a difficult decision for the company, and we are grateful to all of the Turbine staff for their considerable contributions.

That statement from WB was made to several different outlets, (including DDOPlayers, from whence I copied it). The game lives. In some form or another.

Doom and gloom abound, and justifiably so. And yet here we are, still plugging away, still providing enough of a revenue stream to justify having support staff and new development. Less than before, clearly, but nonetheless, still there. The lights are still on.


My heart goes out to those most impacted. May this work out for the best; may you all land somewhere even better!

The world moves on. It always does.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. DDO will likely continue as long as Turbine exists, even if only in maintenance mode. I just hope there are enough development resources after the layoffs and budget cuts to get Ravenloft as next year’s classic module. The Halloween themed classic module was cancelled because “resources were moved around” according to Severlin.

  2. Do we know specifics of who is no longer in the DDO team?

  3. My heart sank reading this. πŸ™

  4. I totally agree with you about layoffs, varying degrees of loss.

    Good luck to those who were laid off, and good luck to those who stayed. We the players love you all, even if mummy and daddy no longer do.

    Pictures of the new hat, or it didn’t happen!

  5. *sigh*

    I’m trying to channel good thoughts into my MegaMillions ticket to keep my mind off the sad thoughts of layoffs. (Yes, I will totally buy DDO myself if I win. #trufax)

    And I also want pictures of the hat.

  6. It’s easier to to fire people than its to lay them off. I’m sorry for those laid off and bummed about the prospects of DDO there are no other games like it, except single player games.

    I second buying DDO if I win.

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