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May 112015

Retribution – punishment inflicted on as vengeance for a wrong or criminal act (Google Definition)

Perhaps one of the best items from the Threnal end reward list, provided you are lawful and have the ability to wield a long sword.

Holy, Pure Good and True Law all in one place, along with the icing on the cake a red augment slot!!  With a minimum level of 8 making it a great piece of TR gear.

Rips up those Delera’s Ghostly Skeletons!!


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  1. I’ve been saying this for years 😀

  2. I remember when the level cap was 10 and this sword was the end all for Paladins. I believe it was level 10 weapon at the time too and it didn’t have an augment slot back then. I tried forever to get one of them and was never lucky enough…now I have two, one of the older version and one of the current version.

  3. I’ve heard its kind of like ice cream

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