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She canna take much more Captain!

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  1. Bah that ain’t be a “warp core” that be… the Elemental binding and attuning stone. Airships fly do to bound Air elemental (blue rings) for lift and minor propulsion, Fire elementals (Red rings) are for major propulsion. The Soarwood is the only wood light enough to make airships. As for the Earth and Water Elementals don’t worry they have been bound in to Slavery er… Service as Elemental Galleon which cuts across the seas at speeds of 15 to 20 knots depending on if there is an Air elemental also bound to the ship. Earth Elementals are bound to land bound vehicles like wagons or carriages resulting in a Horseless buggy, that can run over all earthen terrian. But the greatest marvel of This World of Eberron is the Orien Express a Lightning rail train who’s speeds surpass all other land bound transport.

    Whoa that turned into a bigger rant then I expected.

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