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Dusk over Menachtarun
Dusk over Menachtarun

I originally posted this on the forums way back in 2008 before there was a MyDDO. I’d like to see what a more modern audience thinks.

There is a neglected faction in Stormreach: the Wayfinder Foundation. I propose that we formalize their presence by making them a full-on Favor faction specializing in … Wayfinding!.

You earn Wayfinder Favor by completing exploration area quests – slayer, explorer, rare encounters. You see the quests in your Patron window like any other favor quests. Favor rewards are minor but fun things you want to have but are not so awesome that you feel you must have them.

The intent of this proposal is to encourage use of the exploration areas by displaying overall exploration progress and by providing additional (minor) reward milestones. I am also proposing a fun way to find new ways in and out of zones like a teleporter, but only as an option; the rest of the idea would be fun even if the tavern visitor solution is rejected.

Earning Wayfinder Favor

  • Explorer and rare encounter quests must be fully completed to get Favor. There is no graduated favor for these quest types, you either have the favor or not
  • Slayer quests follow a N/H/E-style graduated paradigm: I propose awarding (minimal) Wayfinder Favor for 750 kills, more for 1500, and more again for 3000. This is an example only, lower level slayer areas don’t support numbers this high.
  • Exploration areas that have more than one type of slayer award Wayfinder Favor for each type
  • Favor amounts scale with the difficulty of the exploration area; Waterworks provides the least while the Cannith Manufactory provides the most


In the Sands of Menechtarun, there would be one favor amount awarded for finding all of the exploration points, say 9. Another amount awarded for defeating all of the rare encounters (another 9?). And nine separate awards for slaying @ 3 points each. A total of 45(?) Wayfinder points available in the desert.


Part of the intent is to propose something that is easier to implement because it utilizes existing subsystems. Obviously I can not possibly know if I am guessing subsystems correctly (nor do my guesses really matter in any case). I would hope that if the kernel of the idea is reasonable then the devs will figure out better ways to make it happen. But some changes would have to be made:

  • A new Faction appears on the Patron UI
  • Many new quests appear on the Patron UI. It would seem to make sense to prefix them by exploration area so that all available Cerulean Hills (for example) favor can be viewed contiguously. Plus all Wayfinder quests would also sort contiguously by Patron, right?
  • Level caps would have to work like they do in regular quests. You can advance and complete a Wayfinder Favor quest at any level but do not earn XP unless everyone is in the correct level range *
  • Other changes may be necessary depending on the type of rewards available

* I think this has been added since the original post

I’m not going to post a table of favor by quest, but I do believe it should not be possible to get 150 Wayfinder Favor without doing most of the exploration content up to about level 12. 400 would require all or most of top-level slayers to be completed as well as completing all of the existing rares and explorers.

Wayfinder Favor Rewards

The rewards need to be in keeping with the concept of the Wayfinders organization. To me, this means travel and exploration. I present two alternatives here, both of which I think would be a lot of fun. One proposal solves something I view as a problem (but I acknowledge that not everyone views the inconsistent availability of teleport as a problem).

Option 1: Stackable Skill Bumps

I see Wayfinder skills as Search, Spot, Listen and Swim. I propose that Wayfinder favor provide stacking bonuses to these skills.

  • At 75 points, the recipient receives a bound one-use consumable that permanently applies a stacking bonus to Search and Listen
  • At 150 they receive another bound consumable that applies the same bonus for Spot and Swim
  • At 400 they receive another consumable that adds to the bonus for all four skills

Other combinations are certainly possible, other values, or an entirely different set of skills and numbers, the key concept is to keep it Wayfindery, and fun, and useful enough to be worth getting, and not so important that anyone feels they MUST have it. Note that DD, OL and UMD are omitted from this list on purpose. Not Wayfindery, and too important.

Option 2: Tavern Journeys

The Wayfinder Foundation teaches the recipient a teleport-like ability to zone directly into certain pre-selected Wayfinder-frequented taverns. This ability can be used once per rest and is represented by a bound (Necklace? Ring? Quaffed vial?) and is activated like any other clicky. Or maybe there are NPCs in all the taverns? Regardless, this is not intended to replace Teleport; it doesn’t go to the same places.

At 75 Favor the recipient is able to zone directly to:

  • One Eared Bugbear @ Tangleroot Gorge
  • Salty Wench @ Three Barrel Cove
  • Eye of Kol Koran @ Sorrowdusk Isle
  • Delvers Canteen @ Ruins of Threnal
  • (Don’t know name) barkeeper in the spa @ Atarexia’s Haven

At 150 Favor the recipient is also able to zone directly to:

  • (Laina‘s grudging tavern of bitterness?) @ Restless Isles
  • (Raff’s tavern?) @ Sands of Menechtarun
  • (Morksarn’s tavern) @ Ruins of Gianthold
  • (Brand’s tavern?) @ Orchard of the Macabre
  • (Don’t know name) barkeeper @ Meridia
  • (Don’t know name) barkeeper @ Reaver’s Refuge
  • (Don’t know name) barkeeper @ Amrath
  • (Don’t know name) barkeeper @ Isle of Forgotten Dreams

At 400 Favor the recipient is able to zone directly to any tavern in the game.

I prefer option 2 but mainly I like the idea of Wayfinder Favor tied to exploration areas and would hate it if that concept got lost as people firestormed over the tavern teleport thing.

So what do you think?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Cool idea- I’ve always thought the exploration aspect of the game gets overlooked in the ‘must level more rapidly’ mindset of the majority of people who play. Plus, more available favor and teleportation to places that either don’t have airship hubs or are a pain in the ass to walk to? Uh, yeah. I’d sign that petition…

  2. I like it, although you may want to re-visit the slayer favorite. Having 3 for each area, there’s a BIG difference between the 7,500 possible for Fens, the 5,000 possible for each of three types in the Vale, and the max 400 in Cerulean, or 1,500 in 3BC.

    Maybe one point for each threshold above a certain level (say, 200 or 400).

    Also, since it’s all S/R/E, there’s no real reason to add a bunch of quests, just add a favor column in the Wilderness tab, kind of like the Challenges does it.

    I *like* the idea of teleporting to the appropriate tavern after completing Explorer. I also think that the entire map should be permanently ‘cleared’ when you’ve hit all explorers, rather than going back to totally-unexplored black if you’ve stepped into a few other Wilderness areas.

  3. Oh… I just reread it, it’s not one point for 750/1,500/3,000 or whatever, it differs between areas. So, ignore that part lol

  4. I think its a great idea mr guy! I am all for it. Me likes to earn rewards and stuffs. Hey… Maybe one of the rewards can be a pet Kobold!!! 😉

  5. Hey, I’m all for this. I like S/R/E – Acanthia maxed out Vale pretty quickly – be nice to have it MEAN something.

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