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Past Life Chart
Charting The Ways To Earn Past Life Feats

Reincarnation is getting a facelift. In some cases, severe, in others a light touch, but either way when it comes out in Update 20 it will be pretty different.

Producer Glin has posted a detail-filled description of the new Reincarnation in this post here. It is long and meandering, he and the developer Vargouille have already had to pop back into the thread to answer questions six times but the questions just keep coming.

To be fair, it is a complicated topic with a lot of edge cases. Most of the edge cases will not matter to most people but will matter very much to those affected.

I’ve mapped out the main brunt of the message and encapsulated it as best I can in the diagram above. But here are the highlights:

There will be three different kinds of past lives

  • Heroic
  • Iconic
  • Epic

Heroic PL is earned by Reincarnating a heroic character any time at level 20 or higher and starting over again. You may start over as another heroic character, or as an iconic character.

Iconic PL is earned by Reincarnating an iconic character that is at the level cap (currently level 28 but subject to change) and starting over again. You may start over as another iconic character, or as an heroic character. If you do this you earn an Epic PL too, you get both!

Epic PL is earned by Reincarnating any character at the level cap and restarting your Epic levels by returning to level 20.

There is more to the announcement than just the types of past lives and how to earn them. Some highlights:

  • There won’t be Greater Reincarnation anymore and any Greater Hearts of Wood you possess will turn into Lesser Hearts
  • Kruz the Orc reincarnator is going away and will be replaced by a new UI
  • Epic Past lives will come with a passive bonus and also an active bonus that can be toggled on or off
  • Fate Points are earned at the same time as Epic PLs. I think. The description of that seems unnecessarily complex

Strangely, I can find no word on how they intend to address people who have already earned a bunch of Epic Destinies and Fate Points, even though that is the issue that caused such an uproar the last time they announced changes to Reincarnation.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Update: Forum user Urist has since posted a different reincarnation chart that developer Vargouille said was correct. You can find that chart here

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  1. Wait, no Kruz!?!

  2. After reading up the reincarnation changes that Glin and Vargouille are mentioning, I’m beginning to wonder what is the most efficient method to gather completionist and obtain all the Epic past life feats. Hm…

  3. Well, I’m still confused as hell, but I’m less confused as hell than I was before I read this.

    Turning greater hearts into lesser hearts – SHAME, Turbine, for the people who spent their hard-earned and/or paid-REAL-money-for points to get greater hearts, especially since many people (myself included) don’t read many forum posts and are therefore likely to get a nasty surprise when this is implemented. I think I’ve got a couple of greaters on Cannith that I just haven’t been arsed to do anything with. Damned if I’m going to let them take those from me.

    On the other hand, YAY for being able to reincarnate Iconics, because I’m pretty sure my cleric/paladin Iconic on Cannith is about as gimped as gimped can be, and as I foolishly spent a goodly portion of Tirae’s plat buying tomes for her, I really don’t want to reroll.

    • Your greater hearts are NOT going to be turned into lesser hearts. Its the other way around. Lesser hears as we know them now, will stop to exist. Instead we will only have what we currently know as greater hearts, but they will be CALLED lesser hearts (I guess to get it clearer that its a lesser form of reincarnation than true reincarnation).

      So yes, they will be worth less, but not be gone at all.

      • Quoting from Glin’s post:

        Goodbye Greater Reincarnation. If you have an account level upgrade for Champion builds (32 pt build), a Lesser Reincarnation will take the place of the Greater Reincarnation Heart of Wood. To apply the same benefit, take your 28 point [non-drow] character and use a LR Heart of Wood, your next build will start as a 32 pt build at level 1. (GR Hearts of Wood will be removed from the DDO Store and treasure drops but you may still use one, if you already have it, as a LR item.)

        It is possible these statements are all true. We’ll have to see.

        • The important part seems to be that they want to make it simpler (not having an extra greater reincarnation just to give a 28p. build the way to go 32 point, but getting all of it in one Lesser heart that enables respeccing the same toon)

  4. In your diagram, it looks like at the “Earn Epic PL” junction, heading off to the right and back to Iconic and Heroic, you meant/should have a GREEN (iconic) line, not a red (epic) line. Threw me off a bit seeing red.

    …not that I’m “seeing red”, but I mean at seeing the red instead of green line you have there.

    {And yes, it was an intentional play-on-words in the first paragraph; hehehe.}

  5. Ah – OK, I see what you did there. The only thing is that when you Epic Reincarnate, you can only go back to L20 – it’s not a TR (they compare it to be more of a n “epic lesser reincarnation) – so you can’t go back to L1 or L15 (iconic); so it’s a little confusing. Which is why I suggested green, ‘cuz ITR let’s you either go to either L1 or L15. Which is what I think you meant to show.

    Of course, all of that is assuming I know what I’m talking about…

  6. OK – I think I see it now. So…maybe both red and green? ‘Cuz, yeah, when you TR from cap, you can HTR (if you’re currently a non-iconic char) OR ITR (if you’re an inconic char) to either L1 or L15 (but only to L15 if you reincarnate to an iconic char). BUT if you only Epic Reincarnate, you can ONLY go back to L20 and not change your race, gender, or heroic class(es).

    So yeah, this whole new reincarnate system is a little confusing…much they way most people think calculus is (what? You mean calculus isn’t inherently obvious to you? *snicker*).

  7. Kieto – his eyes open. Just shoot me and delete all my comments…

  8. Part of the notes are that if you’re reincarnating into an iconic (or essentially LRing an iconic) that you can ditch the initial class – i’ve already got my pure monk ninja shadar-kai planned out πŸ˜€

  9. So wait, with no greater reincarnation, does that mean my poor Mizanari is stuck as a 28 pt build now? πŸ™

    • No, after U20 the LR now do what the GR does on live (its rather the LR disappearing, and taking on the functionality of both LR and GR)

      • Oh okay. So, say I have a free LR still, she’ll become a 32? Or are they stopping the free LRs? Also, what will this do to prices of hearts after the update?

        • Yes, your free LR (or any GR or LR you still have in your inventory / bank) should do that after U20. Good question for the prices, I would think they might up the asking price for LRs? Or leave them at the same lvl as a marketing tool (now get the new and improved LR for the SAME price – like)

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