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Could I call the desert home?

Could I call the desert home?

In our last post of March 03; A very hungry Razor-kitty indeed!, I took the time to run through the xp-travels of Truanquillo’s Sunday adventures. Today I would like to address some business he was able to tidy up whilst in Zawabi’s Refuge soaping up the future of a certain Demon Queen.

Much remains to be decided but the contractor hired to oversee the project has confirmed that the proposed design of our home is structurally sound and will easily accommodate future renovations and expansions. It is a wonderful example of the Classic Toy-Castle design soon to be in such high demand with Eberron’s most-elite adventurers. It even comes with it’s own private walk-out for a Psuedo-dragon or similarly super-serious adventuring companion.

One draw-back to this location is Zawabi himself. As long as he is tied to the refuge he is reluctant to allow more air traffic into the area. What’s a castle without a ship portal? Tenements that’s what it is. Tenements! Final rezoning of the vacant pad is currently on hold pending some minor concerns of the adjacent vendor; Masei Mkembe of Masei Imports. He seems very interested in something called an Antique Bronze Token. Early negotiations suggest a private donation in the region of six-digits may be required to secure his cooperation. Further discussions are on hold as there are dozens of other properties all across Eberron where we could happily settle down and base a guild.

Tictactician and Tictactoe take-in Truanquillo's tendered turf...

Tictactician and Tictactoe take-in Truanquillo’s tendered turf…

Classic Toy-Castle visual has been made possible in part by the generous contributions of the d’Phiarlin illusionists.

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  1. What indeed is the point of a castle without an airship portal? The nerve of some people.

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