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Rancyd Danzig versus Acute Delirium

One of our guild mates needed 45K experience to level. What could we run, quickly, to get him over the top?

“Well”, he began haltingly, “looking at my adventure log, there is one level 17 quest I haven’t run.”

[dramatic pause]

“Acute Delirium.”

Gasps arose, apparently of their own accord, from my Gamer Girl. This is not her favorite quest. Other, equally involuntary grunts and moans of dismay fill voice chat.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Acute Delirium. Love love love love love it. Yes, that is five “loves”, and that is how I truly feel. The quest attempts to achieve crazy in a video game setting and, for the most part, totally nails it. I love it; so much so that I’ve written about it before. Twice. But it is not for everyone. And make no mistake about it, on elite this is a hard, hard quest.

By the way, if you haven’t run this quest yet, stop reading now. No, I mean it, put the browser away and go do something useful. For instance, running this quest! Because you totally should, there is nothing else like it anywhere in the game. Maybe in any game.

Within minutes we find ourselves again assembled inside the Sleeping Spell Inn. It is an unusual group; two clerics, a rogue, a fighter, a warchanter bard. Zero crowd control. And we are on elite.

It goes badly. Death everywhere, both cleric’s mana is drained, and we have a total of three beds assembled. This is not going to happen. This is not the right party for this quest.

We need to call in a specialist.

We need Rancyd Danzig, Tavern Metalsmith.

Rancyd isn’t a blacksmith. He works with metal, but not that kind of metal. The other kind. The headbanging kind.

Or at least that is the back story I have for him in my head. In reality he is just a song-specialist enchanting bard who got a big upgrade when single-weapon fighting and swashbuckling were introduced. Rancyd is not in my main rotation; he stays in the heroic levels for guild-accompaniment purposes. He’s a great character but I have 19 great characters. Poor Rancyd doesn’t get dusted off all that often.

But this situation is perfect for him, not just in level but also in capability. This is what he is designed to do. Crowd control in the midst of beholders.

And so we are back in the Inn. I’ve put my staff-built rogue away and am in on Rancyd. We’ve backed off of elite, re-entering on Hard.

Everything is So. Much. Easier. From the very first fight. Rancyd sings everything into pliancy, dispatching each monster one at a time with Coup de Grace.

The Warchanter’s Dancing Balls are effective on hard now too. So we have two bards of awesomeness controlling the battlefield. The monsters stand little chance. I’ll tell the rest of the story with pictures.

Acute Delirium: Rancyd vs the Mimic
Fighting our way to the mimic is suddenly much easier. As is the mimic itself


Acute Delirium: Nothing for it but to leap into the beholder's gullet
Clearly the obvious path is to leap into the beholder’s enormous mouth

Acute Delirium: Which one is the mimic?
The old shell game. Except with mimics.

Rancyd Danzing poses in front of the portal back to our plane.
The portal back to Eberron. This one is a real beauty in full-size, totally worth clicking here.

Fabian, Lord of Hair Products
Fabian, Lord of Hair Products, resplendent in Black-Jeweled Battle Shorts

Fun quest. Fun character. Wish I could play him more often, but then, I wish I could play them all more often.

Rancyd Danzig. Coming soon to a tavern near you.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I knew you were too interested in his shorts.

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