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Sep 172009

I wasn’t able to work through the Random Build in time. The challenge was to create a viable build with INT and WIS maxed but nothing else. I had two approaches in mind:

  • A trapsmith Cleric
  • A Wizard/Cleric split

I started with the Wiz/Clr multiclass. There was a hazy vision of a Mystic Theurge that combines Divine and Arcane party support spells and can heal toasters as well as fleshies. But I couldn’t get past one thing: clerics and wizards both really need their 6th level spells! Requiring 22 levels. A non-starter.

I think my vision on the build is flawed, I need a fresh take.

So I set it aside and worked the cleric trapsmith. The build was actually going to work! There is some synergy too: the Find Traps spell gives a huge search boost and can only be targeted on the  cleric caster.  

Okay that is not really all that much symmetry is it? LOL

The build is viable. But it needs tweaking and maybe a handful of points in attributes other than INT and WIS. I’ll come back to it when I am not in such a rush.

With the lowbie night deadline looming, I threw together a FvS that is 100% optimized for casting, no melee capability whatsoever, and to make it fun, decided that she is an Evil Necromancer that is only allowed to take spells out of the School of Necromancy. Plus cures, which I have unilaterally ruled are really Necromancy spells for the purposes of this build.

She’s terrorizing Korthos now, inflicting wounds on spiders and curing them on skeletons.

I’ll post details on the necromancer once I’ve played her a little more. This is my first go at FvS and confidence is low… Let’s just say I’m not feeding her any tomes yet. 🙂

What do you think?

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