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Bait H'oven Transportation, Courier and Limousine Service! Independant contractors wanted...

Bait H’oven Transportation, Courier and Limousine Service! Independant contractors wanted…

The Blood Tide incursion on the city of Stormreach; specifically, the events that led up to the loss and retaking of the Tower deserve a proper resolution. If the arc did nothing else, I put forth; it proves that the air-space above and around Stormreach needs better administration and controls put in place to ensure the safety of it’s citizens.

Shame on the Lords of Stormreach for having remained so silent, for so long on this most important of issues. I understand that the purely “meta” approach to the events in our world says that, “we are happy to exist” within a sort of “timeless-bubble” of loops and circles. Let’s agree that a few years have passed since one or six of us, took it upon ourselves to clean up the mess in Deneith’s tower.

An air-ship port must be constructed either off-shore or inland of the city. No airship travel to the city will take place without a berth at the staging facilities. Air vessels of all sorts; this includes all guild ships, private and state transports are not permitted within the airspace above Stormreach. Cargo ships with proper inspections and paperwork will offload their wares to proper cargo sleds. These cargo sleds will be operated by approved carriers only.

It doesn’t take a Kalashtar to realize that once you lose the trust of the people, change will come. It’s only a matter of time before the people demand change. Will the change come peacefully or at the cost of much bloodshed?

Blood Tide? Where is the Splatter?

Step back and think about that; House Deneith, the house that bears the Dragon Mark of the Sentinel. They are a house of Mercenaries! Is it actually plausible that we have seen no political fallout from all this? Zero, zilch Nadda! You say yes? I say, “Minotaur-Poop!” 😉

Luedwig Bait H’oven walks confidently into the meeting. All the political figures of Stormreach, that amount to anything, are there. The dwarf has come to demand change and change he shall have. He arrives on the passions of the people. Tongues are cut, skulls are cracked and all resistance is crushed beneath the power of his arguments. Lords and politicians, beaurocrats and fops, counters of beans and the pushers of pens are gathered beneath a new umbrella; Cows. Henceforth and forever more they shall be referred to only as; Luedwig’s Cattle.

Luedwig leaves the gathering with demands in pocket; immediate construction of an airport to be located 10 miles from the walls of the city and a 250-year Monopoly on all air travel within the walls of the city of Stormreach.

So is born; The S.C. Pumpkin, the flag ship of; The Bait H’oven Transportation, Courier and Limousine Service! (Bottom left corner of the opening image)

Thanks for visiting,
Luedwig Bait H’oven
Thelanis 2006

PS. Ok, I admit it. What I really want is a “space port” open zone for dozens or hundreds of our guild and transport ships to be seen enmasse. I believe that dozens of nimble, fast moving and fanciful “taxis and rickshaws”, in addition to making more sense, would be immensely more interesting than the lumbering monstrosities that currently blot our city skylines.

PPS. This zone would also provide unguilded players access(for a cost) to certain ship amenities without having to ask for in-group, guild ship invites.

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