Aug 212013


The title of this post came from the DDO forums, this post in particular:

Sad, sad day for me when I hear people talking about +8 stat items dropping at level 15 and min lvl 23 items with +8 damage and to-hit (competence, therefore out shines EE Dream Visors)…

“Raidloot is dead. Long live trashloot!”

The direction this game is taking is making me a sad panda.

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  1. I’ve saw enough of the new loot to be deeply unimpressed by it. My main is fully geared up in double-slooted epic raid loot. Which either will or won’t be showing on the link depending what I’m up to 🙂

    So while it’s tempting to go for an extra boost to doublestrike or some extra stats, the myriad of other things I lose just haven’t made it worth doing. I fully expect to be ripping through content at level 28 wearing the same level 25 gear.

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