May 062013

Mawry and AdventureDog versus … balls

Today was supposed to be another useful and informative article in the series about the new Enhancement alpha testing on Lamannia.

It was supposed to be. I even have 600 words of today’s planned article already in place. But it is missing a key piece of information. Specifically, everything about that has to do with the selected character on Lamannia.

It seems that the Lamannia Character Copy tool did not actually copy my character. Instead it created a brand-new unequipped version of my character and plopped it down next to Jeets on Korthos. Oddly, the character has birthday cakes and so forth, but no other equipment. And also, she is first level.


I copied two characters, a rogue and a multiclass, to complement the characters I’ve already worked up: healer, caster, melee. But that means all five of my character copy slots are used up; I may be thoroughly and effectively stymied.

Maybe I am supposed to use the new Test Dojo to level the characters myself? And equip them too? But I am on the shipwreck beach!


So instead of the (hopefully) lovely and (probably) informative article you should be reading right now, I offer a picture of Mawry facing Taeron Rimond the red-named Ghaele in Running with the Devils. Because that is how I feel right now, trying to solo melee a massive pile of hit points that is able to spam itself with Heal spells faster than I can chip away at it.


Or to put it more simply, Balls.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  2. The Test Dojo does allow you to level up and equip your character pretty easily and quickly, but your experience is definitely not ideal nor intended. Unsure what was up with the Character Copy myself, but I know some folks are looking into reports of it being wonky.

  3. Isn’t the enhancement alpha coming down today in lieu of a U18 preview?

  4. It is also possible that this is resulting from problems in versioning for the game build itself. When Lama opens back up we’ll be looking at copies to determine if the copy tool or the game build is the culprit, since it could very much be something in game data that was tickled.

  5. I am looking at the copy tool again and noticing that there are mulitple entries for many of my characters. Four Pantera’s on Cannith, three Ejecta’s on Sarlona etc.

    I assume these are previous versions? I often need more than one try to get a build just right.

    But there is no way to tell which versions are real. No detail. No visual cue what soever.

  6. I actually get “Error retrieving your game subscription.” when I try. Frabjous day!

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