Sep 112009

The problem

Our guild has a mix of casual and hard-core players. We’ve grown enough to fill out a raid most nights, but the mix of different players adds an extra set of challenges. The hard-cores don’t want to carry the casual players just to get a win, and the casual players want to actively contribute.

The gap is widening. The hard-core players each have multiple alts and can run the better raids several times per week, while the casual player struggles just to keep up with the once/week guild raid schedule.

The plan

Dedicated shroud raids once per week that are specially designed to bulk up the casual players.

Queen for a Day  was a 1950’s radio show – later moved to TV – where a hard luck female contestant was given the chance to live large for one day. In the DDO version, we pick one lucky Halflng Commando and everyone gives him or her most of their loot from that run:

  • All ingredients are assigned to the player
  • All shards and all power cells
  • All gold and plat
  • The designated player is encouraged to watch scrolling loot messages and call out when someone pulls something they can use

The theory is that one player gets a couple month’s worth of grind, all at once, and immediately improves. Eventually all of the casual players will have at least one bulked-up Halfling. And all at a (relatively) trivial cost to the more exerienced players.

The execution

Our first Queen for a Day shroud run occurred Thurs evening. A cleric was selected as the first Queen. Her final loot:

  • About 30k plat (this seems low, I suspect a math error)
  • Enough ingredients to make a single-shard three-tier greensteel item
  • Upgrades to armor and glove slots

In other words, success!

What do you think?

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