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PvP Dreams

This is the final article in the Saving PvP series. In previous articles we discussed why improved PvP would be beneficial, catalogued the current system, laid down requirements for an improved system, detailed an idea for balancing PvP, and tried to understand why some people are instantly repulsed by the idea of PvP.

Today we build a list that attempts to include every available idea for improving PvP. Some from me, some from my Gamer Girl, some from comments made during this series. It is probably impossible to introduce them all into the game, and probably undesirable even if possible; some are contradictory.

There are good ideas in here, even if only because the law of averages implies that some of them must be.

Without further ado, 30+ ideas for saving PvP:

  • Chat: Remove PvP messages from general chat (the most popular and commonly-made suggestion, by far)
  • Physics: Instead of modifying spells and abilities in PvE so that they work in PvP, have two versions of them and use the PvP version when inside a PvP instance
A Testing Area
  • This is not really PvP but did come up within the context of the discussion: there ought to be an area where all spells and effects work exactly as they do in the PvE game purely for testing purposes. Like the training dummy on ships except for casters
New types of PvP
  • Add random spawn points to existing arenas
  • Add respawning power ups (from the challenges) to existing arenas
  • Add random environment (low gravity/high gravity/underwater/etc?) to existing areas
  • Open the Rushmore challenge area to team vs team contests
  • King of the Hill/Area Defense (with random spawn points? And power ups? And random environment?)
  • Wilderness areas with beefed up bad guys and friendly fire damage
  • Maybe something as simple as an “activate friendly fire damage” option on a selection of existing quests (especially raids)
Numeric Progress and Visible Status Symbology
  • Idea one: Notoriety points that accummulate like XP. Earn (minimal) points for each kill, or by being on the winning team, or by leading your team in kills, damage, or healing. Team-based bonuses increase by the number of players on the team
  • Idea two: Ranking points like in chess where everyone starts with 1200 and you gain or lose depending on your performance. There could still be a (tiny) bonus per kill and a (larger but still minimal) bonus for leading your team in kills/damage/healing but the biggest points come from defeating opponents, more for defeating higher-ranked opponents and less for defeating lower-ranked opponents (for team vs team, by comparing the average of your team rankings vs. opponent team rankings)
  • Earning levels earns something. Titles, or unique cosmetic gear, or both. If your character makes it to Grandmaster (or whatever the top level is), it should be immediately obvious to everyone who sees your character that this is a Grandmaster
Balancing PvP
  • Either level everyone up to the highest level in the instance or level everyone down to the lowest level
  • Level balancing does not apply new enhancements or epic destinies (and leveling down does not remove them) so this does not make characters equal but does apply to hit points, spell points, toughness, casting levels, etc.
  • Balance equipped items by increasing (or decreasing if leveling down) enhancement first, and then if necessary mutation power until the items are equivalently ranked (this could get tricky on jewelry and clothing items, may have to limit balancing to only weapons & armor or something)
  • Do not balance classes in PvE because of PvP. If class balancing is needed, let players do it, for instance as described here.
  • Another way to balance classes in PvP without affecting PvE would be to have seperate PvP areas that allow different attacks:
    • A melee-only area
    • A ranged-only area
    • An open area where everything works
    • Areas that are restricted by class and by level
    • An area with an anti-magic aura
    • An area where sneak and invisibility work
  • I think we would be better served with the ability to balance PvP ourselves in any area but that may be just me
  • Incorporate PvP instancing and party formation into the LFM system. Retire Jackson Laws
Monster Fighting
  • Have LotRO-style monster-based PvP
Tournament structure
  • Allow players to create tournaments using in-game tools that track tournament progress over time
  • Formats: Team or individual brackets, double or single elimination, round robin (am I missing any other obvious ones?)
DDO Store
  • Make bound PvP items available in the DDO store, and unbound PvP items that are a (very) rare drop in PvE chests
  • PvP items only work in PvP instances, even if looted in PvE.
  • Allow Astral Diamonds to work buying PvP items
  • Clickies seem to be best suited for this:
    • Earplugs clickie that cancels bard songs
    • Ki refill clickie
    • Spell Resistance +100 clickie
    • Displacement clickie
    • Challenge powerups
    • Insta-use DDoor
    • Base speed boost
    • Melee speed boost
    • All-crit
    • Actual invisibility
    • HP regen boost
    • etc.
Highlighting PvP
  • Field of Honor: Have a public dueling ground in an obvious part of a public instance like the Marketplace. Let those who want to show off their prowess have a clearly visible place to do so
  • At the movies: Create one or more cameras that capture the action in a PvP arena, including overhead names and titles. Put one or more giant screens in public instances somewhere showing this camera at all times
Isolating PvP
  • There were a couple of people who wanted a paid PvP-only expansion pack but I am not certain they meant this as a good thing
  • There were a couple of mentions of a PvP server

Sounds fun to me! And, in spite of what some of you seem to think, I don’t even like PvP.

🙂 😀 🙂

p.s. If I missed your idea, or misstated it, the omission was unintentional, I tried to include everyone and everything. Please let me know in the comments.

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  1. The ki clicky needs to be public…

    Years ago, pre-DDO, i spent a lot of time on RuneScape. And there were constant threads and such about PvP. And it got to the point where people (including me) simply didn’t do some stuff because it was in the Wilderness – aka PvPland. You’d be sitting there minding your own business and making pizza at a pizza shop in the middle of nowhere… and suddenly this gang of roving bandits would show up and mug you. I suggested for *years* that what they needed to do was have a toggle to turn PvP off & on. Not at will, certainly, wouldn’t want people roaming around safe until they see easy prey and then flipping it and attacking and flipping it and being sfe and flipping it and attacking… but maybe once per day. “I want to go out to the Wilderness and mine some runite today *off*” Once flipped, you’re stuck in that mode until tomorrow.

    The PKers would be able to go and have their fun; the people who want to simply mind their own business would be able to go and have their fun; and everyone would be happy. Well, except for the PKers ’cause they wouldn’t be able to gang up on the guy with a full inventory selling expensive stuff at the Wilderness store that paid 50% more than the “Civilized” stores and mug him for all his loot… but nobody cared about THOSE bastards.

    Honestly, I don’t think DDO would lose all that many people if PvP ever went away. I certainly don’t think it needs improving. Put those resources towards fixing all the bugs and releasing content that isn’t already broken…

What do you think?

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