Aug 102012

Sunken Parrish Puzzle Room
Left. Right. Up. Down. Everywhere.

Dream Conspiracy. Part of the Path of Inspiration adventure pack. A decently fast run through a den of Quori worshippers. Rats, spectres, plenty of cultists, even a few chainmail bikinis.

And one gnarly puzzle room.

Technically the puzzle is optional. But it gives a large XP boost. There are bonus chests too but the main driver for puzzle completion is the XP.

It is a seriously gnarly puzzle too. Three dimensional, and rigged so that changing a tile on the floor also changes a tile on the ceiling (and vice versa). Quite the puzzling puzzler.

In the past, I’ve had to do this puzzle myself. I can again, I will succeed, but it will take a looooooooong time and involve much language of the type I prefer not to repeat in polite company. I normally run this quest with my guild where Craig, our resident puzzlist, is able to wrap this one up with aplomb.

But not today. It’s just me and my Gamer Girl, plus a cast of thousands (two hireling healers, a gold seal rogue, and an Onyx Panther).

No puzzlists.

Fortunately, my Gamer Girl uses the game playing aid DDO Game Guide.* It is a downloadable Windows app (for your PC, not your Windows phone) that features all kinds of DDO-related functions and goodies. The relevant feature in this case is the inclusion of solvers or walkthroughs for many DDO puzzles including Dream Conspiracy. With such elegant and precise assistance the puzzle is no longer a hurdle and we are soon reaping our XP and bonus loot rewards.

* DDO Game Guide was created by Sanadil (player page here). The latest version is 3.6 and was released last October. I don’t know if he is still updating it. I hope so, it is a useful and comprehensive tool that does all sorts of useful and comprehensive things.

DDO Game Guide walkthrough in
It even has a “Mini Mode”
to help solve puzzles
while retaining screen space

Is using a walkthrough cheating? In a way, but in this case I have already defeated this puzzle, personally, and more than once. Repeating puzzle victories do not provide me with much satisfaction. The trade off – time versus frustration level – is worthwhile.

But I wouldn’t use a solver my first time, not for this or any DDO puzzle. They are supposed to be hard.

That’s the whole point.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. That puzzle is not that hard once you learn a few key places to look. Where the gem you need to pass power too and how to get the power to the top so it gets to the end. Once you figure those bits out your golden…

  2. I have Fred’s puzzle figured out, but have not had enough experience with this one, to begin to try solving on my own.

  3. One of my Favorite things in DDO are Puzzles.

    Took me only a couple of minutes to solve the Puzzle in ‘Sane Asylum’ for the first time. 🙂

    And yeah, that Puzzle isn’t too Hard. ^^

    PS. One of my favorite Puzzles is in the quest ‘Ghost of A Chance.’

  4. I like the puzzel in Storehouse Secret because suposedly its impossible to solve. 😀

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