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So, very recently in recent memory the almighty site master Geoff Hanna made a trio of blogs regarding each classes soloability based upon certain thingymuhbobs such as saves, dps, defense… so on and so on. Like, admitedly, most of his bloggys, it was an interesting topic. Especially though since when I do play DDO, its solo(except on weekends that I play which are Comical weekends). Also, reading everybodys comments and thoughts on the subject in the comments sections was really very interesting. Everybody plays DDO differently. Everybody has a class that they shine in, or at least a role they excell at and its not to hard to understand that that means some people will naturally be biased for the class that fits their style. That all said, I have my own opinions on the classes(or at least the ones I have experience with) that are simply too long to put into comments, so I decided to make a blog!

Enraged Whack-A-Molers

Also known as Barbarians, they are the big weapon weilding rage filled bringers of death and destruction! Ive played a few Barbarians, namely my Minel character. Overall, I found Barbarians to be the least soloable class for one main reason: Theyre hard to keep healed. My hirelings are always having to burn through mana keeping me healed and I find myself always burning through health potions and rushing back to rest shrines in order to survive quests solo. Generally, I can kill most enemies(if not all of them) before the thought of beating a hasty retreat comes to mind but that still doesnt make up for how much I find myself needing to heal up compared to other classes. Maybe that just means Im doing something wrong. I dont know. But thats my experience with Barbarians.

Professional Whack-A-Molers

Fighters! My favorite class in the game by far. Why? Because theyre the most basic class. You simply cant fail with a Fighter character. You can go one of two paths. A: You can be an expert with a certain weapon type. B: You can be a big shield high HP damage absorbing machine. My main experience with Fighters comes from being a Large Sword weilding Kensai Fighter. Lotsa DPS. I smack things, they die. This makes them more soloable than Barbarians. I always found myself able to do over 100 points of damage sooner with my Fighters than I did with my Barbarians. Not only that, they seemed to be capable of taking damage much better than my Barbarians as well. That said, Fighters still wouldnt rank too high on my soloability list. Even if they are my favorite class, theyre still a pain in the bahookey for me to keep healthy.

Ninja Jesus

Light Monks. The only kind of Monk Ive played. Im not what I would call a pro Monk player. So my experience with those peoples is most definetly different. Monks have great saves. Monks can do great damage. Monks can take decent amounts of damage. All this makes for a great all around class. The problem for me though is that theyre such a pain in the arse to play. Even with that though, they are a very tough class and fun to play solo dominating all who dare to stand in my way. They can heal themselves which makes them better than the previous classes in that department. On top of that, theyre capable of buffing themselves with things like blur. Sure, its short lived buff, but it helps give them an edge in solo play. The fact that Ki is a reusable resource is huge benefit. If you run out and are out of combat, just use meditate or wait for your Ki to regenerate on its own. In combat while you expend Ki doing special Monk moves, you regenerate it simply by smacking the crap out of the uglies youre facing. All these things make Monks kick ass, but they dont kick the most ass for solo.

Heroic Purse Snatchers

Rogues. We all hat…ermm… Love them! To be completly honest, I always found Rogues a difficult class to solo due to the squishy nature of the class. Their greatest strengths are in their ability to locate secret doors and disable traps. In my opinion, every thing a Rogue can do…

Face Shooters Do It Better

Artificers are bringers of doom from afar with their mighty repeating Crossbows of doom from afar. Like Rogues, Artificers are professionals when it comes down to having fun with secret doors and traps. Without that though, theyd still be able to dominate enemies and quests solo with their mighty Repeating Crossbows! Depending on your playstyle, they can do well as a caster as well. My playstyle however is Buff first shoot second KILL ALL ENEMIES NOW! My lone Artificer has a high spell point pool and a high Dexterity. But the spells I set are mostly buffs due to the fact I fail as an offensive spell caster. Even still, Artificers are great at killing a decently large group of enemies before they can even reach the player. The ability for a non Warforged character to become part construct allows you to self heal with repair spells. All that said, if the enemies DO reach the Artificer, theyre gonna take a decently large amount of damage and become a dead Artificer pretty quickly. One of the things that saves Artificers in that situation is the metal doggy. For solo, its best, in my opinion, to make him/her/it/something a tank. This keeps enemies off you and sometimes, the trip ability of the doggies will allow you to retreat better to attack from range again.

Armored Jesus

Paladins are a pretty awesome class to play. Im not particularily good at playing them, but the ones I have played were a blast. Firstly, defensivly minded Paladins. Awesome. Big shields, Heavy armor and high saves. This all makes for a great character alone. But add in an ability like Lay On Hands(or whatever its called) and the class becomes that much better. You wont be dealing alot of damage as this kind of Paladin but the amount of damage you can take, effects you can resist and the ability to heal make it a great solo choice. On the flipside, you can trade in some defense for offense. Making a Warforged Paladin, you get the ability to weild Two Handed Swords. This, of course, means no shield(thus the decreased defense), but the trade off is worth it if you want to deal damage as well as take shots. The Lay On Hands(again Im too lazy to look and see if thats what its called) doesnt care if youre a Warforged and will heal you for the full of its ability to, much unlike regular heal spells. Two Handed Swords or Big Shields, Paladins are great for solo play. But still not the best.

“Ill Heal You!” “Not If I Heal Them First!”

I decided that Clerics and Favored Souls deserved to be lumped in together since theyre pretty much the same class but with a few key differences. Clerics and Favored Souls are both mainly healer classes. When it comes down to their ability to heal, Clerics get the better healing spells sooner than Favored Souls. Favored souls, on the other hand, make up for that with their ability to heal more ofton due to their having a larger spell point pool. Solo wise, I prefer the Favored soul. While being able to have bigger better heals sooner is “nice”, if you play right, you wont need the harder hitting heals. All youll really need is the larger spell point pool. This also helps make sure you dont waste rest shrine uses.

Masters Of The Arcane

For the people who said Wizards and Sorcerers were the best for solo because of how high their damage output is: Solo Proof Is In The Poison on Hard/Elite at level on a first lifer using only looted gear. That is all.

“Siiiing! Sing A Sooooong!!!”

Does that song come with a dance? I got $20!

Not Your Average Gardener

Finally, we reach Druids. Mr Geoff Hannas opinion is that Druids make the best class for solo. You know what I say to that? I 100% agree with him. Heres why. Druids arent particularily strong at anything. Their strength is in their ability to be good at everything. Need some DPS? Wolf form allows for sneak attack damage. Trip your enemies up and watch the numbers come up big. Need to take a few hits? Change into a ferocious bear and absorb damage while sacrificing DPS. Heals? Heals may not be very strong, but Druids have the ability to heal over time. In some ways, the vigor heals can be stronger than the regular healing spells. They have some decent offensive spells as well. The Ice one in particular is my favorite. Druid is the only class Ive played where Ive found myself using offensive spells on. Like the Artificers doggy, the Druids doggy shines as a tank when solo playing. Keeping enemies off of you so you can get some good hits in while in wolf form. The thing that makes Druids weak is also their greatest strength. They cant really excell at any particular thing because theyre designed to be able to do a little of everything. Minus traps, of course.

All said and done, I agree whole heartedly with old man Geoff. Druids are the best for solo.


All crap written above is the sole opinion of the crazy chick who wrote it. No other opinions or thoughts were sought or harmed in the making of this blog. Though a Hamster may have died at the hands of a Jawa. In other words, these are all my own opinions on each classes soloability from my experiences playing them the way I played them. The way I play classes in DDO is likely to differ from how most others play them. If the way I play them is “wrong” in your opinion, feel free to share and Ill be sure to skip past your comment due to my other opinion that theres no “wrong way” to play the game.

Hope you all enjoyed the longest blog Ive written in 50 years and I hope to see you all again soon! Or not! Who knows! OH GOD! One of you is naked! Put some clothes on man!

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  1. You have exquisite taste Mizz 🙂

  2. *Shakes his head at “one of two paths” for fighters*
    *Mumbles something almost inaudiably about several other build choices*

  3. I’ve never played a druid, so I can’t comment on that. I do love that Pally got an honorable mention though.
    Also, yes you got Lay on Hands right. My mind however, wondered what else you could call it and still mean the same thing and came up with “grope”, which is far worse,

  4. Great summary! Makes me once again consider the idea of rolling up a Druid…someday. 🙂

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