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Reflections in a Mirror

Reflections in a Mirror

…and Luedwig is sickened by it’s stubborn refusal to simply fade into the backdrop of his day-to-day. When I say, “sickened!”, I mean it both figuratively and literally. Figuratively in that he would very much like to have a quest arc with prophecy at it’s core, to have multiple endings. Multiple endings that might then influence a character’s future quests, “24-hours” or even lives. Too much work…

When Luedwig feels “The Prophet Within” begin to stir, he gets very nervous and very sick(literally!). With a long rumbling belch, the contents of which are reported by several named Troglodytes, to be “Not half bad.” Luedwig releases his butterflies and falls asleep. The images remain but the “Prophecy Proper” is largely forgotten. Hags believe that some of the prophecy can be recovered by studying “the touchings of cloth”.

We are so lucky that I am not the DM. 🙂

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  1. A story with multiple endings? Sounds like Until Dawn… I like it! Good idea! Along with greased kobolds! XD

  2. Belching butterflies is an underrated talent

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