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Something happened this most recent New Years Eve. Something bad. I played Rancyd Danzig, my bard who was re-cast in the Feybuckler mold several months ago and who has been rarely touched since if at all.

Playing Rancyd should not be bad. I like the Feybuckler build, so much so that when Mawry finished with it and reincarnated back into a Commando build I reincarnated Rancyd for this specific purpose: recast from scratch just so I would continue to have a Feybuckler to play.

But it isn’t going well. Rancyd – who is level 24 – got creamed in Epic level 24-26 content. Just creamed. He was dead more than he was alive, and even when alive he was not really that much help. Fortunately most everyone was drinking and maybe didn’t notice. But I did and it was quite bad, bordering on embarrassingly bad.

It makes sense that Mawry would make a better Feybuckler than Rancyd. Mawry is a completionist who also has several Epic Past Life feats. Rancyd was on his first life when I decided instead to remake him. At level 24, this is the highest level he has ever achieved.

But still, should he be this bad?

And then I looked at his gear. Oh, yeah. That.


The BEFORE picture

level 13 and 14 gear, one piece level 18, and only one piece – one! – over level 20. This is a side-effect of Rancyd being as high a level as he has ever been – he has nothing waiting for him in the TR bank. No residual rewards from past victories. And now that the game has changed into grind-only, not much opportunity to pick up new gear either, certainly not at the casual rate I play DDO nowadays. The poor guy not only has crap for gear, he has three empty slots!

Ai yi yi.

It’s not that I didn’t know this, those empty slots didn’t get empty by coincidence. It’s more that it hasn’t mattered. Casual play puts only casual expectations on characters, and when I do notice a weakness, too late, we’re done for the night and I might not pick that character up again for weeks. Or months.

But New Years Eve was not like that. New Years Eve we played actual challenging content, at level, and Rancyd sucked. I hate it when my characters suck. Inspired by my Gamer Girl’s recent attempts to buttress her own casual playstyle, and supported by her skillful use of the Gear Master, I decide to stop whining and actually do something about it.

First we’ll need a list of things a good Feybuckler should have:


CHA + Insightful CHA
CON + Insightful CON
PRR + Insightful physical sheltering
MRR + Insightful magical sheltering
False Life



Healing Amp


Melee Alacrity



Insightful Light
Insightful Sonic
Insightful Forcea
Insightful Perform
Insightful Spellsight

My Gamer Girl plugged all this into the Gear Master and, with a question for me here and there, came up with this list of crafting targets:

 Prefix  Suffix  Extra
Armor  Vitality  Healing Amplification  Parrying
Belt  Doublestrike  False Life  INS Constitution
Cloak  Charisma  Spellsight  INS Charisma
Glove  Resonance  Deadly  INS Resonance
Helm  Wizardry  Spot  Insightful Spellsight
Bracer  Resistance  Fortification  Perform
Goggle  Seeker  Melee Alacrity  Insightful Spot
Necklace  Constitution  Impulse  INS Physical Sheltering
Ring 1  Force Lore  Dexterity  Insightful Heal
Ring 2  Sonic Lore  Radiance  None
Trinket  Light Lore  Heal  INS Impulse


Comparing the recipes to what I happened to already have, I ended up with this shopping list:

22 ancient texts
10 zygomycota fungi
8 fragrant drowshoods
8 hairy trumpets
5 fractured femurs
5 ornate charms
5 slime molds
3 stone fetishes

Or about a full day’s worth of farming, thanks to the most excellent information available here.*

But regardless. It really was a full day of farming, helped along by the fact that I am on a four-day weekend, but I was able to gather all of the ingredients.

I did not actually execute all the recipes though, my crafter only had a 20% chance at some of the Insightful recipes and I decided not to waste a day’s worth of farming on what would inevitably be a failed die roll.

Even with those few shards omitted, it was still a lot of crafting, and a lot of gear in result. And a lot of results in the gear!


The AFTER picture

Rancyd gained a level while farming, anyone reviewing the before and after pictures should keep that one level in mind too. But it was not the level that made the difference, it was the gear, and what a difference!

Not bad for someone who is 100% casual, huh?

I am excited to see how he does the next time he comes off the shelf.

I hope it isn’t another six months.

🙂 😀 🙂

* That is a thread that should definitely be in the Hall of Fame.

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  1. I’m going to have to bite the bullet and start crafting… Rancyd’s “before” version parallels far too many of my far-too-many alts. Sadly, Even’s crafting level is only 90. It’s not gonna be a short process.

    Congrats on the new and improved Rancyd! 🙂

    • Yeah, but you have a high-level crafter in the guild to ask for help on Cannith Crafting, though, so no need to do it all yourself.

      …unless you really want to.

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