Mar 032012

All those words look like they should run together. Projectaport? I think I am allowed to coin words on my own blog. Maybe though I should reserve my vast word-initiating powers for something more significant. Still though, I kind of like “Projectaport”.

But regardless.

The new release brings some urgency to the project, in a back-handed way, as I am getting itchy to TR Sparksy (my previous CC wizard) but Ejecta is not quite ready to replace her. Not to mention the fact that Project Ejecta is eating up all my play time and would prevent leveling a new TR in any case. I’ve been running Ejecta exclusively, or at least as exclusively as someone with my degree of alt-itis is capable, trying to get those last few loose ends tied up.

I have given up on waiting for PUGs to form for ToD and epic Into the Deep and have started to just form those groups myself. I have better luck getting into epic Chronosphere and epic Demon Queen, but even then it is hit or miss and I’m probably going to have to start forming my own groups for those as well.

Project Ejecta: Progress Report
Alchemical Air Dagger No progress
Epic Boots of Corrosion Boots Seal Shard Scroll
Epic Diabolist’s Robe Robe Seal Shard Scroll
Epic Dusk Heart Trinket Seal Shard Scroll
Epic Elder’s Cap Cap Seal Shard Scroll
Epic Ornamented Dagger Acquired!
Greensteel Hitpoint Cloak Acquired!
Greensteel Mana Bracers 15 of 20 runs
Magewright Spectacles Acquired!
Rahkir’s Sash Acquired!
Silver Flame Potion Favor Acquired!
Silver Flame Talisman Bloody Crypt CursedCrypt Shadow Crypt
Skiver Page III Page IV Page VII Page VIII Page I Page II Page V Page VI
ToD Ring 1 (Rahkirs) 6 of 20 runs
ToD Ring 2 (+1 Ex CON) 6 of 20 runs
  • Acquired since the last update: Silver Flame Potion Favor
  • Progress since the last update: Steady, except for the boots which just stubbornly refuse to drop components and the Alchemical Dagger which is a “reach” goal anyway

Overall I am feeling pretty good about all of this except the epic items. My traditional lack of loot luck is making it very difficult to target and acquire specific epic items even though I am playing a lot right now.

Soon though. Soon™

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I like “Projectaport” – not that my opinion matters…

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