Feb 192012

Now fully engaged in my scheme to kit out Ejecta (my new CC wizard), I’ve hit ToD, Reaver, and the Shroud three times each, completed a lot of necropolis quests*, and advanced my Silver Flame trinket twice.

* Elite, natch, need that Silver Flame favor. I suspect that most Epic characters who do not have inherent self-healing capabilities will want 400 Silver Flame favor and the accompanying Silver Flame Healing Potion. Delicious, made of all-natural ingredients, and capable of 250 points of healing (with the admittedly nasty side effect or two).

The highlight of three days of grind was the seal for the Elder’s Cap. I didn’t even know for sure where it dropped, I was running Epic Claw of Vulkoor for the epic token. But there it was πŸ™‚

The lowlight is a tie between Epic Demon Queen and Epic Chronosphere. I’ve invested really a lot of time into these two raids, waiting for groups to fill, etc. Seven runs between them and every one a fail. Oh well. It would be boring if we won every time πŸ™‚

Project Ejecta: Progress Report
Alchemical Air Dagger No progress
Epic Boots of Corrosion Boots Seal Shard Scroll
Epic Diabolist’s Robe Seal Robe Shard Scroll
Epic Dusk Heart Trinket Seal Shard Scroll
Epic Elder’s Cap Seal Cap Shard Scroll
Epic Ornamented Dagger Acquired!
Greensteel Hitpoint Cloak Acquired!
Greensteel Mana Bracers 13 of 20 runs
Magewright Spectacles Acquired!
Rahkir’s Sash Acquired!
Silver Flame Potion Favor 283 of 400 favor
Silver Flame Talisman Bloody Crypt CursedCrypt Shadow Crypt
Skiver Page IV Page VIII Page I Page II Page III Page V Page VI Page VII
ToD Ring 1 (Rahkirs) 3 of 20 runs
ToD Ring 2 (+1 Ex CON) 3 of 20 runs

Fun fun fun!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Noce. But “Clow”? Hehehe

  2. Nice. But “Clow”? Hehehe

  3. Oops – oh well…

  4. Sweet chart! I should do that for my dudes.

  5. Its not Clow its Epic Clow. And now, its fixed

  6. Nice chart!

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