May 082015

Probe the lamp! (with a ten-foot pole)

[Spoiler Warning] You may want to skip today’s post if you haven’t yet thoroughly explored the TOEE!

I have found my favorite part of Temple of the Elemental Evil. I didn’t know it was my favorite, I certainly wasn’t looking for it, but the very moment it was found I knew it for what it was. My favorite.

My Gamer Girl and I were working on 7th level weapons for a character she is planning to TR. We were hoping to increase our mushroom-gathering efficiency by splitting up. This did not make us more efficient, or at least not noticeably, maybe we were doing it wrong.

But suddenly, she found something.

“There’s a lamp here”, she said. “Just sitting here in the middle of the hall.”

I immediately suggested that she rub it; after all, that’s what you do with lamps, right?

“I don’t think it’s that kind of lamp. It looks like a hurricane lamp.”

And so it did. Nonetheless, you find a lamp in a fantasy game, you try to find a way to rub it. I asked my Gamer Girl to inspect it and see what options she had.

Lamp interaction choicesAttack the lamp!
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Oh, wait, I know this one! The ten-foot pole one! That is exactly what I would do with it in a D&D setting, especially if it was a tournament. Probe away!

“Nothing happened”.

Hmmm. I remain impressed that someone at Turbine played enough tabletop to at least put that option in the dialog. Yet still, we are going to end up rubbing the thing, aren’t we? Regardless of its shape, it remains a lamp.

“Try the polishing one”.

To no one’s surprise, a djinni. He looked cool though. Will he grant us three wishes?

The Djinni of the Hurricane Lamp
The Djinni of the Hurricane Lamp
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No, he did not grant wishes. Unless your wishes include a chest of random loot and a handful of mushrooms. Mine always include more wishes, or at least taking a stab at world peace.

But still, how much fun was that?

A lamp. A ten-foot pole. A unique situation unlike any other in the game, anywhere.

Sometimes I so love this game.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Another djinn with a six pack.. I want to see an efreet with a beer gut. Because, reasons.

  2. I’ve been through ToEE a number of times and never noticed that lamp – will have to do another run this weekend!

    • IWJTT!

      Also, which check did you pick to get your chest? And I wonder what happens if you fail… Did you try throwing it in your pack or attacking it? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW!

      I saw a cartoon a while ago, a kid rubs a lamp and the genie gives him three wishes, “but no wishing for more wishes!” So he wishes it was his birthday, he had an antiquated farm irrigation system, and that a rock would plummet to earth from space.

      Next panels have him blowing out candles, throwing a rock into a well, and seeing a falling star, and saying “I wish I had a magic lamp…”

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