Oct 052012

Radiant Brymn
Clerics still explode, but in a good way

I’ve been watching the Lamannia release notes for the upcoming patch. Turbine has titled this release “Update 15 Patch 2”, but since there is nothing in the patch that relates to Update 15 I suspect this is just because they have limited their ability to describe releases as either “Updates” or “patches to updates”.

Really this is “Update 16: A bugfix!” except calling it “Update 16” might cause people to expect it to contain content and it does not.

Unless you count the Mabar festival as content?

Nothing against the Mabar festival, I like beating on shambling crowds of undead as much as the next guy, but we’ve had it already, more than once. Nothing new to see here, move along. Even if they’ve found a way to fix the often-crippling dragon fight lag.

Maybe if they’ve updated the items one can earn? Nothing against the Mabar Festival items they already have, the cloak is espcially nice, but everyone who has been playing for a couple of years already has all of them.

Change is good (or at least good change is good). New is good. Imagine Spectral Dragon Scale Armor – awesome potential, although earning 20 Spectral scales during a single Mabar Festival might induce carpal tunnel syndrome all by itself.

So, to recap: lots of bug fixes coming and also the Mabar Festival. Nothing to get excited about, but I was pleased when Turbine announced a major bugfixing effort and I still agree that it is the right way to proceed. Fixing bugs is never sexy but letting them sit and fester is demoralizing to everyone.

I wish they had fixed some of the more annoying and long-standing bugs rather than the ones they tackled, but still, they are on the right path, and one can hope they will get to handwraps, stances and so forth on the next pass.

One “fix” I don’t understand needing at all:

Umbral and shadow creatures no longer explode on death.

I like it when they explode, often it is hard to see them and very handy to know when they are finally dead. Change for no reason is not good change, it is just change. Maybe this causes graphic problems or lag? I don’t know, but I will miss exploding Shadows.

On the plus side, one fix makes me smile a gigantic face-splitting grin of delight:

The Radiant Servant’s Positive Energy Aura and Burst now function regardless of the currently-selected target.

I don’t play my cleric all that often because I am so bad at healing, but when I do, this drives me crazy! I am not a good enough cleric to manage everything I need to be able to do and also to stop doing so and focus on myself. I generally have other players targeted and it is completely counter-intuitive that I have to undo that and target myself before my Radiant Burst will work.

And just in time for the Mabar Festival, or as it is also known, “the one place where everyone wants you to be a battle cleric”. Radiant Burst is your best weapon versus the aforementioned shambling crowds. And now it will be much more reliable.

A good change. And we’ve already agreed that good changes are good.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Offer still stands for an invite to HC on Lamannia, I just need the name of the halfling to invite.

  2. Regarding: The Radiant Servant’s Positive Energy Aura and Burst now function regardless of the currently-selected target.

    Not that I’m bitter about it, but when I expressed my annoyance at having to target myself for bursts, you made fun of me and said it was fine like it was. I guess I was right and you were wrong =p

  3. My Gamer Girl is always right. Always. Although I continue to question her taste in men. 🙂

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