Dec 282015


High Over Three Barrel Cove

Clicking enlarges to wallpaper-worthiness


There is one thing about lag that isn’t actually bad. Don’t get me wrong – I hate lag as much as the next guy. I make no apologies for it. And the one thing that is good isn’t really all that good.

Nonetheless, there is the one thing, a silvery lining of sorts.

If you repeatedly mash on your space bar while lagging, sometimes you queue up a bunch of Jump commands that the game client cannot process. And then suddenly the client processes them all at once, hurling you high into the air, way higher than you can get via any other means.

It doesn’t always work, and sometimes even when it does work you are only super-elevated for a microsecond, too short of an interval to see anything or enjoy it.

But sometimes, you get this. A beautiful view that you cannot get any other way.

It’s a holiday break at Hope you all have the happiest holidays ever! See you back here with the usual mix of inanity and drivel on Tuesday, December 29.

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