Jan 022015

Green Lantern
In brightest day, In darkest light … No wait, wrong Green Lantern

I do not remember for certain where I took this screenshot. Clearly I was taken with the lighting; a green lantern! Quite lovely, particle effects and all. Especially if you click the image and view it in full size.

Note the skulls embedded in the steel I-Beam columns!

But where is this? It looks sort of Tower of Despair-ish, doesn’t it? Yet looks can be deceiving. The image is from December 2011 … checking back through the DDOGamer archives … lots of things that are not directly game-related. A couple of interesting topics that might be worth revisiting … wait, ah hah! An article titled 20th Raid Completion End Rewards, featuring the Tower of Despair.

So there we have it. The green lantern is definitely from the Tower of Despair. Unless it isn’t.

🙂 😀 🙂

It’s the last big family Christmas in our rural North Carolina farmhouse. This big an endeavor is a full-time effort: thus another series of postcards sharing some of my favorite DDO views with you all. Happy Holidays!

Hope you have/are having/had a great holiday! See you back here on January 5, 2015, with yet another two-fisted helping of useless tripe, DDOGamer-style.

What do you think?

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