Dec 312012

DDOGamer is on vacation until Jan 2, wandering distant lands in the company of his lovely and gracious Gamer Girl. But even so, the blog must go on! And it does, in the form of postcards representing places the DDOGamer would be going, if only he could.

Spinner of Shadows

Spinner of Shadows
This attraction is custom-built for the type of traveler that lives for the theater. The Spinner of Shadows Dinner Theater features a revolving repertoire of shows starring Silver Flame, Rakshasa, and even a Lord of Dust! Performances are at the very highest levels of the thespian art and earn rave reviews from all who attend.

Pro Travel Tip: Like all dinner theaters, no one goes for the food. Keep your gustatory expectations at company-cafeteria-level and you won’t be disappointed.

Each “Postcard” is really a wallpaper-sized image captured in roughly 2×1 aspect. I hope you find one you like.

Happy Holidays! See you soon.

🙂 😀 🙂

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