Feb 232017

I once got a book club membership invitation that expected me to apply one of two stickers to a card and return it to them.

Sticker #1: “Yes, I love to read, sign me up!”

Sticker #2: “Don’t read much. Hurts my brain”

I chose obvious choice #3, “throw the whole thing in the trash”, but the idea that someone, anyone, might go to the trouble of applying a sticker to a reply card and mail it in saying nothing but “Don’t read much. Hurts my brain” has stayed with me all these years.

I wonder if anyone actually did that?

That story seems relevant to this postcard image, somehow, a tableau of battle in the book section, a bold crew taking on a book with a very, very bad attitude.

Judge for yourself.


Don’t read much. Hurts my everything.

See you tomorrow.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I chose option #4, “stuff the whole lot back in their return envelope and send it back to them without filling it out so they have to pay for return postage and deal with disposal,” because I’m a jerk.

  2. I put that sticker over the RCA logo on my crappy nintendo tv when I was a punk kid. That tv worked from ~’85-’08+. It still worked when I left it out for free.

    • The only problem I had with it is the Sega Genesis Menacer gun made all buttons unresponsive and the volume full blast until physically unplugged. True story.

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