Apr 302015

Postcard from the Haunted Latrine of Eveningstar

I am not certain that this is still possible; I recall reading a release note somewhere stating that Monster Champions would no longer drop chests when killed by non-player means.

But it sure was fun while it lasted! Lure a bunch of Ju Ju Zombies to fall to their doom, then jump into the castle latrine to collect the proceeds. Weird, but fun, but very weird.

Due to more-work-than-time reasons, there is no full article today. Instead, this lovely wallpaper. Click the image to see it in full (approximate) 2:1 ratio 1.8 MB glory. Click it! You know you want to.

Assumedly, the work-related crisis will have died down by tomorrow and we’ll return to the usual useless tripe and inanity that you have come to expect here, fresh every weekday.

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  1. Bummer. No more luring Ju Ju Zombies like lemmings off a cliff. We all went out and had to increase our backpack spaces. What a fun New Year’s Eve with friends.

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