Oct 242014

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There’s a DDO fashion show. No really, there is, and it happens every time someone runs the quest In The Flesh. A full-on fashion show with models, catwalk, lights, music, everything!

Even this balcony. What a great place from which to view the festivities!

Now if only someone was selling hot dogs and cold beer. They do that at fashion shows, right? Right?

I’m out of town with unexpected family business of the sad kind. No DDO posting (or DDO playing, for that matter) today. So instead, have a postcard!

Expect things to return to normal – and by normal, I mean fresh content every weekday, but not actually normal by any other standard – Tuesday 10/28.

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  1. I didn’t even know you could get up to those seats….

  2. With the abundance of mushrooms, moss and fungi in general, available on Eberron; “Sir?I must insist that you sample any one of our deep fried or skewered creations.” Beefheart reluctantly advises you that “if you insist on having your hawt-daawg there is a halfling out front of the theatre with a cart”.

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