Feb 242017

A year or so ago, my Gamer Girl and I decided to drive through New England in the Fall. We had some things we’d always wanted to do while we still lived on the East Coast and this was definitely one of them. It was sort-of last minute, the kind of planning one does using Trip Advisor over a single lunch hour a week in advance. A random combination of hotel pricing and availability led us to make one-night reservations at a charming-sounding motel in Peterborough, NH, a place I’d never heard of but which satisfied the necessary conditions of (1) being about halfway along our planned path and (2) having an available room.

The drive was as lovely as we’d always heard, totally worth it, and we made it into Peterborough in late afternoon to find the place all abuzz. Packed. Special festivities everywhere. We check in only to learn that this day, the very day that we happen to be there for the only time in our lives, was Peterborough’s 175th anniversary.

175 years, that very day. Such a happy place filled with happy people celebrating happily and infectiously. Then it got dark, and oh my god.

It seems that there is only one remaining fireworks factory in the US. Only one. And it is in the town right next door to Peterborough. Meaning this unexpected little show that we didn’t even know we were going to see was the most incredible fireworks display you can imagine. It just went on and on, explosions without end, a torrent of embers dancing patterns across the stars. The best fireworks display I’ve ever encountered. And it was free. And totally unexpected. No hassle, no waiting in the car for hours to get in or out, just walk through this quaint little town, find a park bench, and hold your baby’s hand while you watch the sky explode.

This is why I can’t pull loot. I use up all my luck on stuff like this.

Anyway. This shot has nothing to do with fall foliage, but it is pretty cool, and it certainly does feature some awesome fireworks. Unexpected ones at that.


Unexpected Fireworks

I guess it is story with a picture week here on DDOGamer. Even if the connections between the story and the picture are … shall we say “tenuous”, at best?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. …And “Daily Dice” jackpots. We (well, “I”) have not forgotten the time you rolled (2) jackpots in a row. IN A ROW!!

  2. People need to do a lot more of this. It’s easy for us to sit in our bubble and fret about the machinations of systems we can’t influence. But now and again it’s great to just step out of the hamster wheel and go do something simply because you want to.

    And the picture you’ve painted of what that delivers …. man, I defy anyone to not wish they were there to witness that 🙂

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