Oct 152015

Postcard from the Demonweb
The Demonweb – in a handy 25:14 wallpaper format

For a webby hole full of demons, it can be quite striking. Go ahead and click on the image to enlarge it; it is totally worth the extra attention!

My Gamer Girl and I are off celebrating … well I’m not allowed to say, so let’s just go with the fact that it rhymes with “Earth Bay”. Meaning, you get a postcard today instead of “real” content.

Notice the quotes around “real”? I know I’m not fooling anyone into believing that actual content exists here. Nonetheless, you are not getting off this lightly, the regular storm of inanity and drivel (drivelstorm?) resumes tomorrow.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. It is now tomorrow and I miss my DRIVEL!!!!

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